How to make paneer (Indian cheese) from rotten milk (curdled milk) instantly at home


Rotten milk problem is quite common during summers but I don’t mind it if the milk get rotten once or twice in a month. This is because I can do many things with it. With rotten milk I can clean jewelry. To know how to do that click here. Also, I can make dough of the left over water after making paneer .It brings nice and soft rotis. I do add some paneer into the dough as it brings out nice soft paranthas .

Rotten milk or any milk of your choice if it’s not curdled/rotten
11/2tsp vinegar / 1tsp lemon juice/citric acid
Step1: Take a pan and boil milk in it.
Step2:When boiled add lemon juice/vinegar / citric acid(If you are using citric acid then dissolve it in 2tbsp of water before adding it in the milk.
Step3-You will notice that milk will start curdling within 2 minutes.
Step4.When completely curdled turn off the gas and let it cool for 5-10 minutes.
Step5: Pour it on to muslin or a cotton cloth and tie it with a tight not so that water gets drained out from the paneer.
Step6: Make any desire shape of paneer though most of the time people prefer rectangular shape as it even out the whole paneer. You can add chopped coriander/cilantro also into it to bring out nice color.
Step7:Don’t take out the paneer from the cloth .First place it for 2-3 hours under heavy weight so that it shapes well.
Use the left over paneer water to knead the dough for soft Chapatis/Rotis/Parathas.You can add 1-2 tsp of sugar in paneer and serve it to the kids.They will enjoy eating sweet fresh paneer.

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