How To Make Rice Vinegar At Home And Its Uses



How To Make Rice Vinegar At Home And Its Uses

We all have heard about apple cider vinegar and balsamic vinegar. Have you guys ever heard about rice vinegar? Rice vinegar is usually prepared from fermented rice. There are different types of rice vinegars available around the world. This vinegar is mainly manufactured in China, Korea, Japan and Vietnam. Rice vinegar is mainly incorporated in Asian cuisines in making pickles, sauces, dressings, and marinades. Apart from its usage in Asian culinary, it has some unique usage too.

Now let’s check out its simple recipe along with its various uses and health benefits.

Type of Rice Vinegars:


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White rice vinegar: It is clear to yellow in color. This is used in making most of the recipes.

Brown rice vinegar: It is light to dark brown in color. It is made from unpolished brown rice, this variant of rice vinegar has maximum health benefits and richer in nutrients. It can be used in place of white rice vinegar.

Black rice vinegar: It is deeper in color and flavour, this smoky-tasting vinegar is made from black glutinous rice and grains like wheat, millet, and sorghum. It is mainly used in preparing Chinese stir fries, dipping sauces, and also as a condiment.

Red rice vinegar: This variant is made from red yeast rice which is fermented rice and also from barley and sorghum. It is a sweet and salty vinegar and mainly used in making Chinese seafood dishes and dipping sauces.

Seasoned rice vinegar: This kind of vinegar is mainly available in supermarkets. It is mainly white rice vinegar with added sugar, salt, and sometimes MSG. Several other flavours can also be added to enhance its taste. It is used to season rice for sushi and also used in salad dressings with sesame oil.

Stepwise Procedure to make Rice Vinegar at home:

Rice vinegar is made from fermented rice. We need simple ingredients to make rice vinegar at home. The key to make a good batch of rice vinegar lies in usage of precise amount of ingredients in stepwise manner.


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Ingredients: White sugar, yeast, egg whites and white rice or brown rice, measuring cups, mixing bowl and a clean cloth.

Rice Preparation: We need fermented rice to make rice vinegar. White rice or brown rice is placed in a mixing bowl and soaked in water for 4 hours. After 4 hours, rice is strained using a clean piece of cloth. The water left in mixing bowl is kept in refrigerator for overnight.

Preparation of Rice water mixture: For every cup of rice water ¾ cup of white sugar is added. The sugar is mixed with rice water until it gets dissolved completely to make a homogeneous mixture.

Cooking of Rice water mixture: The rice water and sugar mixture is cooked for 20 minutes. Afterwards the mixture is allowed to cool down. Then it is transferred to a glass container.

Addition of yeast: For every 4 cups of the rice water-sugar mixture, a quarter of a tablespoon of yeast is added. It is mixed with the other ingredients.

Fermentation of the mixture: The mixture is allowed to ferment which takes about 5 days to a week. The mixture is checked for the presence of bubbles. Once the bubbles clear up, the mixture is ready.

Second fermentation step: One needs to ferment the mixture for a second time. The mixture is transferred into another glass container and is allowed to ferment for another 4-5 weeks.

Storage of rice vinegar: When the rice vinegar is ready, it is strained using a clean cloth and allowed to boil again. After boiling, the mixture may be a bit cloudy. To make it clear, two egg whites for every 40 cups of rice vinegar can be added. This step is however optional.

Uses of Rice Vinegar:

Culinary uses

  • Rice vinegar is lower in calories than wine vinegars. It is sweeter and thus used in salad dressings along with sesame oil or olive oil.
  • White Rice Vinegar is the best for sweet and sour dishes, and also used for pickling vegetables. It generally works well in stir-fries.
  • Black rice vinegar works well with braised dishes and as a dipping sauce. It also serves as a substitute for balsamic vinegar.
  • Red Rice Vinegar makes a very good dipping sauce, and can be used in noodles, soup and seafood dishes.
  • It is also used in thickening sauces for Asian dishes.

Health benefits

  • The brown rice vinegar decreases levels of certain enzymes that degrade cells and tissue and improves longevity. It also prevents liver cancer.
  • White rice vinegar improves blood sugar control and liver function in diabetic patients.
  • Rice vinegar can help prevent food-borne illness
  • Addition of rice vinegar to your diet can help the body absorb calcium easily. Thus it helps in efficient nutrient absorption.
  • Vinegar helps to maintain good health and slow down aging by helping to prevent the formation of two fatty peroxides. This is important to good health and long life in two important ways. One is associated with damaging free radicals. The other with the cholesterol formations which build up on blood vessel walls.
  • Vinegar made from brown rice has 20 amino acids are essential for fighting free radicals and maintaining a healthy immune system. It contains 16 organic acids too.
  • Brown rice vinegar is used in antiseptic medicines and also to cure athlete’s foot.
  • Black rice vinegar has blood-thinning properties. It can lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels.
  • The amino acids in brown rice vinegar negate the lactic acid build up in the blood which causes fatigue, irritability, stiffness and inflamed muscles.

Miscellaneous uses:

  • Rice vinegar can be used as a nonabrasive, natural cleaning agent. It can be added to a bucket of water for mopping floors.
  • It is a powerful antiseptic.
  • It can be used as a preservative.
  • It acts as a tenderizer on meats and vegetables used in stir-fry dishes.
  • Rice vinegar added to summer rice can prevent it from spoiling.
  • Rice vinegar is used as a bleaching agent on white vegetables. It also prevents enzymatic browning.
  • It also helps to eliminate fishy odour

You can also get hold of rice vinegar from Amazon India and EBay in case you do not prefer to make it at home.

Have you tried making rice vinegar at home?

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