How To Make Sandal Wood Paste


How To Make Sandal Wood Paste

Hello gorgeous people!

How is everyone doing these days? I have been going through a very dense acne break out and man, oh man, I am feeling helpless, already! πŸ™

No matter what I try for these pesky pimples say it over the counter acne treatment, or DIY homemade acne face masks nothing seems to work for me. But thankfully, someone mentioned Chandan paste during a random conversation and voila! I was all ready to try it!

As you may or may not know, sandalwood or chandan ki lakdi is native to India and nowadays it is an offense to cut sandalwood from the trees! Families have been preserving and storing pieces of sandalwood which has been passed on to generations you are truly lucky if your family has one!

So here we go with the process of making the sandal wood paste!

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The Solid Sandalwood Piece

For the first method you need to have a medium sized piece of the sandalwood and a broad mortar and pestel, plus a couple of drops of water. On a thoroughly cleansed mortar, drop a few drops of distilled water or preferably rose water. Now on the liquid base, start rubbing the narrow (circular) edge of the sandalwood in small circular motions. Keep moving the sandalwood piece on the mortar till the rose water starts turning into a fine paste like consistency.

dabur rose water skin care

Once you see the required amount of sandalwood paste being formed on the mortar, stop the circulatory motions and keep the sandalwood piece aside on a clean, dry cloth. With clean fingers, collect the prepared paste and put it on a silver plate. The silver atoms are said to intensify the beauty content of the sandalwood paste. Let it stay on the plate for about half an hour. If the paste seems too thick to apply, add a bit of water or rose water to it.


  • Add a pinch of turmeric to it for an instant glow.
  • Add a few drops of milk, only and only if you do not have oily skin.

The Powdered Sandalwood

Nowadays, the world of advanced technology has lead to so much progress in the world of beauty. Same goes for the availability of sandalwood powder only, and only if you are sure that the product you get is authentic. Generally, the directions to convert the powdered form into a paste are mentioned in the directions of the packaging; but you can even use your own customized ways to form the required paste.

foot soak add milk+skin products

For dry skin, make the sandalwood paste using raw milk.

For combination skin, add rose water to the powder.

Lastly, for oily, acne prone skin, add a bit of honey and tomato juice to for the paste.

honey hair care

Chandan or sandalwood has immense benefits if used meticulously and regularly be it for beauty purposes or not! Some of the benefits are as follows.

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  1. It undoubtedly helps adding glow to the skin.
  2. When applied to the temples, it relieves severe headaches.
  3. It also helps in relieving from congestion.
  4. It is a great anti-septic and disinfectant for the skin as it helps in keeping in check the bad micro-organisms.
  5. It undoubtedly helps with excessively oily skin types.

Have you tried making Sandalwood paste before?

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  1. I have always used the regular Chandan powder available in the local market! Never use red Sandalwood! Where can i get it in delhi, though?

    • Actually I use it from brand dr. jain, It is difficult to get it waise locally, but many online sites like flipkart, amazon, and all stock red sandal wood powder πŸ™‚ I swear by it

    • you can order authentic chandan powder from karnataka state board website. I bought it after researching a lot on online and it is purely genuine and authentic. Moreover, if any of your friend travels to bangalore or mysore the state board emporiums are selling it. Dont buy it from local market coz they are selling the wood powder after oil extraction from the sandalwood.


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