How To Make Soft Chapati/Paratha Without Adding Oil Or Ghee In It



Most of us know that by adding oil or ghee in chapati makes them soft and crispy. But adding extra spoon of oil means extra calories going in our body.Therefore I never add oil or ghee while making regular dough.All I do is  add 1 medium spoon of yogurt in dough instead of oil.This way Paratha and roti  turns out quite soft.

Do you have any tips to make soft chapati?


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  1. Dear Anamika,I also used to add oil in the dough to make it soft will try this out now. thanks for sharing.Have a great day ahead.regardsShiva

  2. Now that is one thing that I appreciate , because I am looking for things that have absolutely no Oil (or Ghee)

  3. When you substitute ghee with yoghurt in making paranthas, do they still taste as good? Like how do you achieve the flakiness of parantha?


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