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I change my earrings on a daily basis and feel the need to carry a majority of my accessories while travelling too. Previously, I had stored my earrings (along with a few small neckpieces and pendants) in a large Ferrero Rocher box. The mini compartments kept my earrings perfectly organized and I had even color-coded them. I’ve been using this box for almost a decade and without even looking at the box, know where every single piece lies. :shy: But it’s just a flimsy chocolate box after all and with all the travelling I did, it finally gave way and cracked! :pain: In fact, the lid had cracked some time ago but I still managed to retain it by using a hair-tie to hold the lid in place while travelling. But recently the base cracked and I realized I had to let go…sniff :weep:


Chocolate box earring holder+storage stand



I apologize for the bad quality of the photographs. I did this late in the evening and my bedroom currently only has yellow lights. :lamp:



Chocolate box earring storage+jewelry holders


I’d seen some cool jewelry organizers online and decided to get one for myself. But I couldn’t find the perfect one suited to my needs. Since I have a ton of travel pouches, I decided to make a temporary holder until I buy a new one.


Travel Jewelry Organizer_VIP travel pouch+earring stand


What you see here is a travel pouch from VIP that my dad got me years ago. At the very top is a hole to hang this on a hook. This can be folded into three and has a mirror in the top section, elastic loops in the middle (to hold toothpaste, brushes and other toiletteries) and a zippered pouch at the bottom portion. It is very handy and I used to carry my makeup in this. But now my stash of skincare and makeup has expanded so much that it does not fit in here. :struggle:


Travel Jewelry Organizer_Rectangular cloth piece+jewelry holder stand



So here’s what I did: You know those cloth bag you get nowadays…the ones that have replaced plastic bags in grocery stores? I cut one into a rectangular shape so that it fits exactly in the middle portion. I wanted to do a step-by-step tutorial but my camera battery died at this stage. :pain:



Travel Jewelry Organizer_stick and hang earrings to cloth+jewelry holder organizer

Anyways, what I did next was stick it in place using a decorative, holographic cellotape /duct tape. I didn’t use glue for two reasons. First, this was intended to be a temporary solution and I may want to re-use the loops sometime in the future. Gluing the sheet would ruin the elastic loops. Second, there has to be space between the cloth and the pouch so that it is easy to hang the earrings in place. The tape also forms a nice border to the plain cloth and looks more attractive. Since the tape is not strong enough to hold the sheet in place, I used a few colored safety pins (brooches actually) to secure the cloth in place. I then hung my long, dangly earrings by inserting them through the thin cloth.

Travel Jewelry Organizer_zipper pouch with foam+jewelry case


The zippered pouch at the bottom already came with a Styrofoam sheet inside. I was relieved since I was going to cut out thermocol sheets or Styrofoam plates to fit in there. Here, I stored smaller earrings and studs by inserting then through the sheet and placing the stopper behind the sheet so that they don’t fall off. The pouch also ensures that the small pieces don’t fall down or go missing. I used a couple of safety pins to hold the sheet in place but did not put one in the center because I needed space to put my hand in to remove the stopper of any earring that I want to remove from the sheet.


Travel Jewelry Organizer_earrings in pouch+earring holder


I’m planning to put a strip of tape around the Styrofoam sheet to cover those ugly straggly ends. The problem is, my son took-off with the decorative tape and I’m still in the process of hunting for it :confusing:


Travel Jewelry Organizer_Final Look+jewelry storage+how to make a jewelry holder


So there you have it! My very own DIY travel jewelry organizer! :cute: Yes,I know…my jewelry collection is kinda outdated 😛 but quite a few of these are gifts from loved ones that I simply can’t seem to throw away. Anyways, I started doing this as a temporary option but I’m quite pleased with the results. It’s not overly neat but atleast I can see all my earrings at one glance and its soooo convenient to travel with….its the size of a notebook! :yippee: It also has a zippered compartment at the top (above the mirror) and one behind, so I can store a few more knick knacks in there. Here are a few more snapshots the travel organizer all folded up:


Travel Jewelry Organizer_DIY Earring storage pouch+travel jewelry box


I do realize that not everyone can get hold of the same organizer but I do hope I inspired you to make your very own version using a few tips from here.:nerd: As an alternative, you can use a shirt box (or any slim, flat box), cut out Styrofoam/thermocol/cloth bags to fit into the box and hang your earrings inside. Since the box has a lid, it’ll keep your earrings free from dust and can be taken along while travelling. If all this is too much work for you, just get yourself a large box of Ferrero Rocher! 😀

So, what do you guys think? Would love to hear you honest opinion, tips and suggestions… :cute:


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  1. Wow Nafi Great Idea :hug-makeup: I loved your Earring collections… I am also crazy in collecting earrings, but hardly wear them one or two times 😛 :silly:

  2. oh ! this is a fantastic idea..and shirt box..i don have that but do hve something similar..i hope i get the time to make it..fab DIY

  3. Brilliant idea naf!i too change earrings on a daily basis and while travelling I usually just duo them in a of which is horrid coz they all get tangled 🙁 this is a great idea and easy too 🙂

  4. Naf u hav an Awesome collection yaa :inlove: :inlove:
    n loved ur idea, I bought a jewelry holder from a neighbour, she had brought that from jaipur. t costed me 250.


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