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Hi girls ,

I was taking my daily shot of wheat grass and it occurred to me that this is something that ought to be shared. Its an easy to be made drink and has numerous benefits.I have been having this every day when i was home for holidays ( all my schooling in boarding ). I re-discovered it yet again by sheer luck. Exams time and I was sleeping a lot. Unusual for me as 6 hrs is enough . Fatigue came in and I visited a doctor. I had dropped 5 kg of weight  and was half way below my required blood count. I am freaky about my health . Did a lot of research and pepped up my diet.

Wheat grass benefits for skin

In flat three  weeks my count was up and was active again 🙂 . Reason-the wonderful wheat grass. This alone won’t suffice. One must take peanuts,jaggery,black til seeds, dates,all nuts and dry fruits and more :).

Wheat grass benefits for hair

Women are prone to be anemic and low blood will have disastrous effects. So do everything you can to keep your levels up.I have mentioned few steps I follow daily .Yes !daily!! Not when you have time or not when you want to.But daily !

  • Carry roasted peanuts+jaggery in a little box. Munch them when hungry.
  •  In a tin/box pack few almonds,dates,Raisins (kishmiss),dry anjeer,apricots and few walnuts. Eat when hungry or when travelling.
  • Blend tomato and curry leaves into a juice ,add lemon and gulp it down. Lemon is important as body is poor in absorbing iron ( from curry leaves ) without citric content. We all know why we must have tomatoes – due to lycopene,the powerful antioxidant in tomato. I personally do like curry leave juice alone so I add tomatoes to it.
  • Daily dose of flax seeds and fenugreek seeds helps your skin and hair. If you work ,then you can leave some dry fruits in your desk . No need to carry daily.
  • Seasonal fruits are a must. I carry guava wrapped in a handkerchief and leave it on my front seat. Eat at a signal or when driving ( you got to be a pro to handle this 😛 ) Follow these and your skin will glow. Health would visit you and there will be a spring in your step :).

Wheat grass in weight loss

Benefits of Wheat Grass Juice

1.Wheat grass juice is nothing but the chlorophyll of leaves ( it gives leaf their color ). It is very similar to our hemoglobin but instead of iron the chlorophyll has magnesium. The juice helps in building RBC. Hence helps in combating anemia.

2.It aids in weight control. Why and how ? The wheatgrass absorbs almost 90% of the minerals present in soil and has all vitamins required by a human body. Body digests the juice in 20 minutes after ingestion and ‘cos its so heavily packed in content that the brain shuts off food cravings. No over-eating !

3.Detoxification of body. Removes the toxins stored in body tissues. 4.The juice has vitamins and minerals required by us. It is a complete meal and a complete protein with about 30 enzymes.

4.It is a potent source of calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, sulphur, cobalt, and zinc

5.Its rich in beta-carotene which inhibits the activity of carcinogens.

6Wheatgrass can turn the fluorine ( in water ) into harmless calcium-phosphate-fluoride compound. Add to water and wash with it for soft face and hands. Can add to bath water too. Throw in a cup of juice into bathing water.It aids in healing of pimples .Place few blades of this grass in water to wash fruits and vegetables which have been sprayed with chemicals. They would be thoroughly cleaned.

7.I do not know if this is true but i have noticed an improvement in complexion on having this juice. Or maybe its just the benefits which finally result in good skin !!

Wheat Grass Juice -How To


How To Make Wheat Grass Juice At Home

The place you want to grow this grass depends on what is available to you. If you have an empty bit of land,just clean it,soften it to remove lumps,and using fingers or a spoon pour wheat seeds in straight lines in the soil. Cover the wheat seeds with soil. If you are not sure just sprinkle soil over the seeds. Water them. Be careful with water till they shoot up. Once they do,then water them generously. Be careful about two important steps in here. Make the soil lump free or the seeds will fall uneven and hence results in uneven growth. Plant the seeds in a row. If grass grows uneven its difficult to cut with scissors. And when the grass has to be uprooted its always easier to grab them when they are in a row 🙂

Follow the same if you want to use pots. Shallow trays can be used too.

Another important step-plant the seeds in batches if you are using a large pot/land. Use 1/4rth of the area , wait till they show shoot,then plant the next 1/4rth. If you plant the whole area at once you will end up with grass which you won’t use. Once it matures and ripens its no use. In the pic named “how to plant ” you can see one area is still showing shoots. Once am done with the grown grass the shoots will be ready for juicing 🙂

When the grass has grown full cut the blades with a pair of scissors.Leave 1/4rth at the root. It will grow again.


Below are few pictures of my garden.Hope you guys enjoy it 🙂

Garden Picture Gallery


wheat grass garden pictures


Bottle gourd vegetable picture


Tori Pictures


Old rose picture

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  1. Wowiee! I never knew bout this…i had seen wheatgrass shots available at a health drink place but never went for it coz i cudnt fathom how one cud eat/drink grass!! but now i feel like giving it a shot 😉

  2. My friend used to have this everyday. She had 7 tiny pots at home. So they would take the wheatgrass from each pot in rotation.. by the 7th day they re grow. I’ve never tried it, coz it brings back painful memories of daily neem – tulsi juice that my granny used to force me to drink 😛

      • i like chewing tulsi too is said that if tulsi is taken empty stomach every day then the person never suffers from cancer although i do know how true it is.

  3. Thanks for sharing. It is great for Cancer patients too. I have a few cases of Cancer in my close family and doctors have prescribed them to have daily dose of wheat grass. You have a great garden. Are all these organic veggies?

    • Thank you eesha ! Yea would say organic. neem cake,compost is all i gave them…that when they were like a feet. then,nothing other than water 🙂

      • its a beautiiiiiful garden Reddy and shows yur patience and dedication towards a healthy life..i am impressed 🙂

        • Thanks ans ! i love anything related to nature.gardening is my way to peace. i love the way plants respond to just water. we need so much!! makeup for instance :wallbash:

  4. Wow! Looks like you have a lovely garden. And you know what? I really admire you not just for following a regime that is not easy but also……that you drink wheatgrass juice! I am sure it is not at all tasty!! 😮

    • actually once one starts drinking these types of drink and make it a routine then taste buds do get adjusted to it.I have been drinking bottle gourd juice since years and now i can drink even karela juice 😛

      • my mum pestered that i have pumpkin and bottle gourd daily. pumpkin has a truck load of benefits though. i had just pumpkin juice for a week and spent all day in loo 😀 . maybe i was having too much !! so gave a gap. i want to try bottle gourd. heard its good for bosom. true ?

    • Thank you prerna ! your name is lovely 🙂 Inspiration. oh well all my beauty needs from garden -mehendi to tulsi to hibiscus to aloe 🙂

    • haan i guess i didnt water my poor plant whole winter and still it is alive..:)what all other plants are as good as aloe..i mean don need any care at all?

      • it doesnt need much water cos its a succulent plant…they store water in their leaves which is the gel…:) well many ornamental plants with succulent leaves are available..just look for something with real watery leaves 🙂

  5. really great health article 🙂 ….. will grow it definatly for me in pots… i also have grown alov vera .. from 2009 i have changed three room.. and everwhere i only grown alov vera :beauty: :beauty: :blush: :blush: … i like alov tooooooooooooo muchhh :inlove: :inlove: :clap-n-jump: :clap-n-jump: :clap-n-jump:


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