How To Make Your Curls Last Long


How To Make Your Curls Last Long

15 years back, a girl with curly hair is quite confused with her hair as a kid. She had no idea why she couldn’t fix it right and try all those gorgeous hair styles like others. Now, she is all grown up, she realises she has got the best hair ever. Curly hair has its own beauty and mood, and most of the time looks great. The girl never ever wishes to have straight hair or any better hair.


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But, not everyone is lucky to have those gorgeous curls. And so we go for artificial ways of curling. But there is nothing worse than spending hours curling your hair only to have it fall out within minutes.

So here are some tips and tricks which will make your curls last longer.

How to curl your hair

Put in curlers or pleat your hair. Use smaller curlers/pleats for smaller curls and vice-versa. Leave them in overnight.
Curling irons, hot rollers and flat irons work great too.


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Right tools make the process easy.

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How to Make your Curls Last Long

Use of prepping products:
When you curl your hair spray some hair spray or curling cream on each curl as you go along, that way they should stay for longer. Let it sit for a second to dry (so it doesn’t sizzle), and then curl your hair.


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But be careful with the quantity and quality of the hair spray you are using, otherwise it will make your curls hard and hair heavy and limp.

Light Blow dry:
This is a trick. Once you finish curling, spray for one last time with hairspray and then blow dry on low for a few seconds. The heat plus the hairspray will really glue the curls in place which would make them stay longer.


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No vigorous combing:
Curls last only when your hair is light and care free. Lightly finger your curls or use a wide tooth comb to gently separate your curls. DO NOT pull your hair too hard and never brush them out.

Bobby pin trick
Even if you are using your curling iron, pin the curled portions and leave them rolled up for an hour or more. This will help in holding up your curls better.

Headband curls
Try headband curls. They last longer and don’t harm your hair.
a) Get a thick elastic headband.
b) Tuck strands into the band.
c) Repeat this all along the band.
This is best used before going to bed, and preferably in damp but nor really wet hair.


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These are keys to voluminous fresh looking curls. Let your hair loose and down, and see how fabulous you look.
Keep tossing and turning your curls 😀

Do you like to curl your hair?

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