How To Make Your Eyeliner Game Strong & Make It Last Long


How To Make Your Eyeliner Game Strong

Hello Beauties,

Eyeliner on point and your day is made! Am sure most of you will agree to it! Oh yes I feel like on the top of the world when my both wings of the eyeliner are equal and similar! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Eyeliner On Point!!

But I do remember the days when I used to end up with racoon eyes or as if I got punched in the eye after applying eyeliner in one eye and in my efforts to make it look similar to the other! Thanks to the constant tips I got from WiseShe and yes constant practice as well! ๐Ÿ™‚

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So here are some tips which I learnt and still doing so if you wish that your eyes don’t look as if you did your eye makeup and slept on it! :-p These tips will keep your eye makeup intact and on point!

Go for a long lasting eyeliner (pencil or gel)-

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Whatever formulation you are comfortable with, choose the long staying ones if you wish that your eyeliner stays in place until you reach back home! Usually gel eyeliners are the longest staying so you can choose the same for special occasions!

Sleek glitter eyeliner review eotd steel

Prime in Advance-

Kryolan Eye Shadow Primer

Always apply eye primer if you are looking for an eye makeup that is not easy to smudge or fade anytime soon! On a casual day one doesn’t needs much priming but if you are going to be busy and won’t get any time to touch up or re-apply your eyeliner, this tip will surely be ofย  great help!

eyeliner ideas

Eye shadow for oily lids-

Usually long hours tend to fade the eyeliner as the skin secretes natural sebum so you can expect that your eyeliner may budge from its place. But a quick trick like applying a natural powder based shadow on the eye crease will prolong the effect and your eye makeup stays intact for a considerably longer duration!

eye makeup lolite gel eyeliner eotd

Multiple Layers of Eyeliner-

L'oreal supr liner black on my eyes

Another easy tips is apply and re-apply eyeliner over the same length so that it is pigmented and cannot fade so easily! If you are using liquid eyeliner then let the first coat dry fully then you should go for the second layer to make it long lasting!

Waterproof Eyeliner & Mascara-

eye liners

Sometime the nature doesn’t allow your makeup to stay that long and so it is always better to use waterproof eyeliner and a mascara to make your makeup stay long and also bear the sudden outbreaks of rain or extreme sweating!

Back up Plan-

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Always keep your favorite eyeliner pen or pencil handy even in your clutch so that if you get a chance to sneak in a washroom you can ensure that your eye makeup is strong enough to take on the world! ๐Ÿ™‚

Hope you like these eyeliner tips!

Have you tries these tips for long staying eyeliner?

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