How to make your face look slim with the help of makeup


A well applied make up slim down your face. Make up helps in redefining the bone structure and high lights the best feature. Therefore one can make their face look slim by some simple tricks.

Let us begin with eye makeup tips which can slim down your face

*The bigger the eyes the smaller the face will appear as a whole. So to play up with your eyes apply 2-3 coats of mascara on the top lashes and avoid it on the bottom one.
*Use eye shadow on the crease of the eyes and to highlight the eyes use a light shimmery powder under your brow bone. This will make your eyes appear larger and brighter.
Those who have brown eyes can go with anything albeit it depends upon how dark the brown eyes are. Women with blue eyes should prefer deep brown or red like copper or rust. Green or Hazel eyes women can stick with golden earthy tones, deep violets or soft neutrals too.

For those Luscious Lips

Big lips affect the roundness of the face and make it appear slim.
*Avoid glossy lipstick and prefer muted lip stain and apply gloss separately.
*Try to apply gloss at the widest part of your lips. This way depth and fullness appears on your lips.
*To finish off dab it with a tiny shimmer right under your nose and above the arch of the lip.
*Always blend to have a sexy pout.
*Try to stay away from bright color lipstick to get a slimmer face. Trick is to choose lipstick which makes you look as if you are not wearing lipstick at all.
To know about the tricks of making your cheeks look slimmer click  here.
P.S-These are my suggestions and therefore sometimes it might not work for you. Please try out two or three times before going out with the final look. Make up comes with practice and tips only make things easier.

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  1. wow awesome tips.. i m not a makeup person..pbly coz i dunno how to use them properly :(… but these tips r helping me a lot:)

  2. Neetz..Make up is a beautiful are it just that we do not make af effort for it but some where in our heart we do want to apply it..:)

    we all buy kajal,lipstick, compact but do not go haead then this because of lack of confidence and knoweldge..

    do try you will fall in love with it:)


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