How To Make Your Hair Strong And Healthy



How To Make Your Hair Strong And Healthy

Thick and strong hair are every girl’s best accessory. No matter how short or how long your hair but if they are not healthy then they will not look their best.
While thick hair adds to your beauty it is easily prone to damage. If you do not take proper care of your hair, it can quickly become dry, brittle and damaged from using heated styling tools, skipping frequent trims or bleaching & coloring, pollution and poor diet, there are many factors responsible for damaging your hair and probably not letting them look as great as they should.


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Today I shall share some tips that will help you to maintain your hair health and make your hair strong and healthy. Read on.

Do Not Wash Too Often

Every time we wash hair we rip off natural oils from hair and washing hair too often may deprive your hair of natural oils which will result in dry and damaged your hair.

Washing your hair twice or thrice a week is just fine but washing more than this will not be great. However oily scalps may find a need to wash hair more often.

Also while washing your hair see how you wash your hair. You do not need to shampoo the lengths of the hair separately just concentrate on cleaning your scalp by gently massaging shampoo with finger tips, the shampoo will eventually flow down to your lengths as well and clean them. Any extra shampoo on your lengths will leave you hair length dry.

Cold rinse

Skip warm waters for washing hair as much as you can and extra temperatures are a strict no, no matter how much you enjoy them during the winters. And if ignoring warm water for hair wash is not your cup of tea then you need to ensure that after rinsing conditioner from your hair finish off with a rinse of cold water.

The warm water in your shower opens up the hair cuticle which can allow moisture to escape this will leave your hair dry. The cold water will close up the cuticle, which in turn makes hair look shinier. Shiny hair always looks healthier.

Condition Your Hair

Of course you apply conditioner too your hair after every wash and congratulations for that, but this is not what I am talking here. I am referring that extra care needed for your hair. At least once a week apply a good conditioning hair mask to your hair. Be it a commercially sold hair mask or any DIY hair mask.

DIYs are always great, you can check one here,  with which our gorgeous Anamika swears by and we know how beautiful he hair are.




Air Dry Your Hair

Let your hair dry on its own. Also ensure that you do not rigourosly rub towel against hair. This will damage your hair.

Brush Wisely


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A brush with right bristles too can make a difference to the state of your hair. Choose for brushes which have natural bristles as they are not as damaging as the brushes that come with synthetic or metal bristles. Such bristles can lead to hair splitting and breaking. Also ensure not to brush wet hair and use a wide-tooth comb to detangle wet hair to avoid damage.

Don’t Overload Products

Too many products can weigh your hair down making it look flat and lifeless. Also too many chemicals may do more of damage then to enhance your hair health like the products that contain silicone may initially make your hair look shinier but they can actually cause dryness overtime. Try and look for shampoos free from SLS, and even if you cannot find one, look for a less harsh formula. Switch to a clarifying shampoo every couple of weeks to help remove product build up that can leave your hair looking dull and damaged.

Limit heated styling

Giving up totally on styling is not very easy after all we love to experiment with our looks and what is better than playing with hair looks. Try and limit the use of heat styling. Always ensure to spray a heat protectant before you start with heat styling.

Massage your scalp

If you scalp is not healthy you hair too will not be healthy. Do not overlook the importance of scalp health and take proper scalp hair too. Have you ever noticed why spas and washing hair feels more relaxing and refreshing at salon and not at home even if you use the same products and follow the same process. Well the difference lies in the massage. A good scalp massage not only feels relaxing but also stimulates blood circulation which promotes hair growth and improves hair health too.

Exfoliate Your Scalp

Exfoliate your scalp??? Does it sound weird?

I know it did but trust me on this exfoliating scalp too matters. Scalp exfoliation improves blood circulation and removes flakiness from scalp. It refreshes scalp and makes head feel lighter.

To know how to exfoliate your scalp check here

Eat well


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Here comes the most important tip. Eat right. Whatever you eat reflects in your hair health. A diet rich in Vitamin A and C is what you need if you want shinier strands. These vitamins are sebum-producing and will promote shine from the inside out. Protein strengthens hair, Biotin improves texture and promotes hair growth, So your diet should also be rich in protein, iron and biotin too. You can also include hair acre supplements in your diet so that you receive all the nutrition that you might be unknowingly deprive doff.

These were some tips that you must follow to improve your hair health and make them strong and healthy.

What are your tips and tricks to make your hair strong?

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