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Hello, miss beautiful! Spring is here and so is the problem of hair fall and dandruff. These in-between and confusing seasons feel amazing but take a heavy toll on our skin and hair. Our hair gets both rough and dry as well as prone to dandruff and hair fall at the same time. And the traditional products like Amla, Reetha and Shikakai only gives nutrition to hair to make it strong and healthy. They really make the scalp and hair dry which also arises another problem. So what to do?  🙁

But there is a solution and a way in which you can simply get rid of both of these issues in a single go. These two steps will not only give nutrition to your hair and make your hair healthy but will also provide intensive nourishment to the hair and make your hair silky and strong as well.

The first step is to use Biotique Bio-Musk Root Fresh Growth Nourishing Hair treatment pack.


Biotique Bio Musk Root Fresh growth Nourishing treatment pack review

This is a magical hair mask that contains the goodness of Bio Thyme, Henna leaf, protein, muskroot, sea kelp and almonds to make hair healthy and strong from within. This hair pack is also proven to diminish hair fall and take care of your dandruff issues.

This product is there in the market for many years and is a trusted product among many women and men. I definitely recommend this hair mask for hair fall and hair growth as well.


This hair mask can be prepared either using Eggs or yoghurt. Even some people prefer using onion paste or grated onions in this to make it a powerful agent for hair regrowth. Even this pack can be applied to the bald areas to get better results.

Biotique Bio Musk root nourishing treatment pack review

Wash off this pack after 1 hour with a mild shampoo and conditioner to get the desired results.

Now this pack has one con which I feel should be addressed – dryness. Being an all-natural hair mask, it contains ingredients that make hair dry and rough.


For removing this dryness, we have two easy-peasy solutions for you!

  1. Apply oil overnight before applying this hair pack and then wash off. Then apply this hair pack to prevent dryness. OR
  2. Apply oil after applying this hair pack and then wash off. You can then wash your hair the next day or after 1 hour as you please.

But other than this, there is also a handy solution for making hair soft and shiny and that is using this Schwarzkopf Spa essence Hydrating cream masque for dry hair.


Schwarzkopf spa essence hydrating cream masque for dry hair

This is a very nourishing and hydrating hair masque that is suitable for every hair type, especially dry hair. This hair mask is easily available online or at Loreal dealer stores.

Schwarzkopf hydrating cream masque for dry hair

This hair mask is specially formulated to make hair silky and smooth. This can be used on straight and chemically treated hair and it gives such a smooth finish.

This cream can be mixed with serum or can be directly applied on wet hair. But make sure to wet your hair otherwise your hair will soak this product and you will need hell lot of it.

Schwarzkopf spa essence hydrating cream masque dry hair

After using this one, make sure to steam your hair. For that either you can use a warm towel on your hair or wrap a cold towel and apply some hair dryer over it. This will help the mask to penetrate deep into the scalp and make hair smooth and silky.

You can either use it once a week or you can use alternatively as per your wish and convenience.

You can see this video for full information:



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