How To Make Your Neck Look Flawless


How To Make Your Neck Look Flawless

Neck is an important and visible part of our body, but what we do is totally unfair when we take care of our face but neck is conveniently ignored. Just have a detailed look at the neck of someone old in your family. Look at the creases their necks have developed over their lifetime. Or recall your grandparents, if they are not any more, didn’t their necks have equal wrinkles as their faces had? Then, why are we so unfair to our necks when we take care of our face this well?

10 Yoga Poses For Great Neck

Better late than never is what I can tell you at this point in time. Take care of the following things and you will still do some good to make up for the recklessness.

Exfoliate your neck like you do other parts of your body

Exfoliation helps and makes it apparent that skin cells die and make your skin dull. To avoid dullness and dead skin appearance sooner than it should, start doing this to your neck every time you do it to your face.

Do Neck Exercises

10 Yoga Poses For Great Neck - Platysma Pose

Try this, sit straight on a chair and then rotate your neck in clockwise direction for 5 times and then repeat it in anti-clockwise directions. Looking at your desktops or laptops or sitting in wrong postures often makes our entire body de-shaped. We should do this neck to revamp our cervical bones and to avoid our neck from getting de-shaped.

Sit in right postures

Try and avoid leaning on your back as it also makes your neck bend forwards which may not be good for your neck’s shape and health.

Do Neck Stretching

10 Yoga Poses For Great Neck - Greeva Sanchalan Asana

Try these as these help to keep your neck and surrounding muscles in shape: Pronounce the vowels -a,e,i,o and u with your mouth open. This would stretch your mouth well. Another stretching exercise would be to rotate your tongue within your mouth in clockwise and anti-clockwise directions. Repeat this several times until your muscles start to ache.

Sleep on a Firm Mattress

Sleeping on a soft mattress makes our body sink in and out of shape. We must always sleep on a firm coir mattress to avoid any kind of pain to our lower back and neck. It is also good for our spine.
Some useful packs for your neck

Become a sleeping Beauty for the Glow!

You may try these home-made masks which can be useful to you in taking care of your neck.

Lemon water and Rose water

rose water skin whitening

Make a mix of lemon water and rose water and use it as a toner for your neck. Keep it on your neck for 10 minutes and then rinse. This is good for wrinkles and age spots

Tomato Juice and yoghurt

homemade tomato face mask

If you are already seeing some wrinkles appear, apply a pack of tomato pulp and yoghurt on your neck for 20 minutes.

Strawberry juice and milk

homemade Coconut Milk

Applying a pack of strawberry and milk also is very good for shine and wrinkle free neck.
Do try these tricks and start acting soon. I am sure many of us are culprits of leaving our neck alone with no care at all. Always apply your cream, toners equally to your neck to have that beautiful neck that is going to win you million postures.

Have you tried these tips for a flawless neck?

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