How To Make Your Nose Look Slimmer Through Contouring


How To Make Your Nose Look Slimmer Through Contouring

Makeup has surely re-invented the looks of women to a great extent these days. It can transform a average looking girl with not so sharp features equally beautiful by the various tips and tricks. Not to mention that nowadays the god gifted features like the shapes of nose, lips can also be altered and any desired shape can be achieved through cosmetic surgery procedure. Well, that is something which depends on the person and has many side effects of that.

So, I am here to mainly discuss about the non- surgical process of enhancing the features of the face through makeup tactics. And to be short, I will mainly talk about the Nose which plays a predominant part in deciding the look of a person to be average of beautiful.

We already are aware by now, all thanks to Zara & Anamika for bring up posts and video tutorial on Contouring perfectly and letting us know the basic tips to keep in mind when trying contouring.

Contouring is basically done by professional makeup artists to form a gradient on the face which gives a shadow effect on the face and makes the features appear sharper and more sculpted. Contouring has now become a staple makeup technique as everybody wants a face which looks chiseled and the features look more defined.

So when you have a broad nose and you wish to make it look a little slimmer, you can surely do so by contouring the nose area and I will tell you how to exactly do it!

There are different shapes of nose and the contouring technique slightly differ in that regard. Read on to know them-

Flat Nose-

For a flat nose, apply a dark shade of foundation than your skin tone or a basic bronzing powder and just sweep on both the side of the nose bridge carefully without touching the center part.

nose contouring

Broad Nose-

If you are blessed with a broad nose, contouring the sides of the nose with a small makeup brush would be just perfect. Starting from the inner corners of the eye brows till the end of the nostrils on each side. Blending is what will make the makeup impact bring the contouring effect.

broad nose contouring

Long Nose-

If you have long nose then, first start with a darker foundation on each sides of the bridge of the nose. Bring it to the area around nostrils an blend in a way as to cover the tip of the nose.

ultimate nose contouring

Nose contouring is basically a tricky job and all the tactic lies in the perfect blending with the rest of the face contouring.  Only practicing will make you master contouring art, so do it quite often on your face to exactly notice what difference it makes to your nose every time you attempt contouring.

nose contour tips

The bronzer or foundation you choose should be picked carefully as a dark shade will make you look odd and always tend to match the shade in natural light to see if will go well with your skin tone.

Also using a small sized brush is useful for nose contouring as you only need to shadow a smaller area on the sides of the nose which may not be possible by a large contouring angular brush so, make sure to pick a small sized brush for that.

I hope you like this easy to achieve tips for getting a slimmer nose by contouring!

Have you tried these Nose Contouring Tips?

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