How To Make Your Own Lip Liner


How To Make your own lip liner

Hey girls,

A few days I wrote an article on how to make lipstick and primer at home. The procedures were indeed very simple, but do you know that making your own jumbo or slim lip pencils is also as simple as it can be?

We all know that the right lip liner can make a clean look and make your lips pop. It prevents your lipstick from bleeding. So today I’ll be sharing a DIY recipe on how to make lip pencils at home. Buying different colored lip pencils from the market is fun, but trust me, this DIY to make lip pencils at home is way more interesting and fun.


So let us see what you will require to make your own lip pencil:

  • Base either translucent or with titanium for better coverage.
  • Pigments (red oxide)
  • Measuring spoons
  • Measuring cups
  • Heat source (gas oven or microwave)
  • Empty Pencil Barrels
  • Syringes for filling


First decide on how many pencils you want to make; and also if they are jumbo or slim ones. According to the number of pencils measure out the amount of base that you need to make those pencils. For example, each jumbo pencil holds approximately 3 grams of the actual product and the slim ones hold about 1/2 to 1 gram.


Melt you base either on the gas oven or in the microwave. Stir continuously and let it cool a bit. Remember, just a bit. Make sure the base doesn’t start to thicken or solidify completely.

Now add the pigments and mix well so you have no lumps. Make sure the pigment is distributed evenly.


I have read somewhere where the person had used red oxide to make her red lip pencil. You can use red oxide and then add some gold mica for that gorgeous glitter effect. How much of red oxide to add is really up to how strongly colored you would like your lip pencil to be. The amount of mica also depends on how much glittery you want your lip pencil to be. I would prefer complete matte ones or would just add tiniest bit of mica for the sheen.

Pay attention: Oxides and Lakes should be used at very low rates. One should start with just a tiny scoop. Micas however need to be used at much higher rates.

Before pouring in the product, you have to seal one end of the empty pencil barrel if it is open. Now take a 3cc/ml syringe for slim pencil and a 6-10 cc/ml syringe for jumbo pencils. Draw up your melted product into the syringe and make sure there are no air bubbles inside. Then inject it into the pencil with a slow and steady pressure. Stop injecting when it starts to come out the other end. This can leave your working space messy, so keep papers and cloths handy.


Place the pencil barrel vertically and let it harden over time. After the product has hardened a bit, put the pencils in the fridge for some more time.

Now it is time to sharpen. Take the pencil out of the fridge and give it a shape of a sharpened pencil and you are done.

Your pencil is now ready to use.

Have you tried making a lip liner at home?

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