How To Make Your Own Lip Primer


How To Make Your Own Lip Primer

Dry lips with prominent lines never look good and if you wear a lipstick on such lips, it is going to be a disaster. Good care of lips is must for soft lips and beautiful colored pout. Besides good care, you can use a lip primer before applying lipstick. Lip primer works just like the face primer. A lip primer fills the lines of lips and also helps in making lipstick last longer. It also hydrates lips.

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You can buy lip primer from market but they are not easily available everywhere and can be expensive too. You can make your lip primer at home with some natural ingredients. Here is

How To Make Your Own Lip Primer

You will need

  • Beeswax beads- 15 g
  • Powdered mica mineral (carnation colored)- 15 g
  • Powdered mica mineral (beige)- 7 g
  • Rose hip oil- 3.5 ml

Get Started

Take the wax beads and rose hip oil in a bowl and microwave for 30 seconds on High.

Then add both the mica minerals and mix thoroughly to get a smooth and creamy mixture.

Microwave again for 15 seconds on High.

Pour in an airtight jar and cover.

Refrigerate for 24 hours.

Now you can keep it at room temperature and used every time before applying lip color.

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This recipe will make a nude colored primer, you can get lip primer of different colors by using mica minerals of different colors.

This lip primer is easy to use. If you have problematic lips then this primer will cover the chapped and flaky areas. It will keep lips soft and plump. Your lip colors will stay on for longer on your lips. Lip primer also prevents lipstick from feathering and bleeding.

This one is natural so obviously you form a protective layer on lips before applying lipstick. Try it and get amazed by the results!

 Did you like this homemade lip primer?

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