How To Make Your Own Liquid Foundation – DIY


Liquid Foundation

Ever been caught in a situation where your foundation went over just when you’re getting ready? If yes, how did you manage at that time?

Do you think a lot before buying make-over goods for their suitability as per your skin tone?

Here is the solution: Instead of spending hundreds and thousands on buying make-up items, you can make them at home also. And specially, when it comes to choose the foundation that works well on you and suits your skin tone; Why not try to make one of your own? It just takes 2 minutes to do-it-yourself.

I use liquid foundation on my face as it adds glow to skin, powdery ones leave white cast on skin which makes it to look odd at times.

So, here I’ll tell you how to make it for yourself, trust me IT WORKS!!!

Things you’ll need to make your own liquid foundation:-


  • A mixing bowl
  • Tinted powder
  • Body lotion/butter and
  • A spoon to mix it up well

Note- I will suggest you to use that tinted powder which matches your skin tone.


make you own foundation with tinted powder+makeup foundation

How to make it – (Step-by-step)

Start the process up by taking an empty bowl and adding tinted powder to it, you can take it in whatever quantity you want, I took less as I have already made enough for myself, and this is just a demo for you all. Then pour some body lotion on it, I am using Himalaya’s cocoa butter body lotion here.


procedure to make your own foundation+make up


Take a spoon or spatula and mix it up well until it gets even. As you can see in pictures I have added more lotion to it because when I mixed it up first it didn’t go smooth. Beat, beat and beat it up well!


make foundation with body lotion and tinted powder+foundation


There you go!!! Your own liquid foundation is ready to be used. You can see the swatch on my hand (Without blending it.)


home made foundation Hand swatch+makeup


Now for application you can either apply it directly on your face or use a brush for application as well. Don’t forget that the mixture needs to be blended well in bowl so that it could be applied without any problem.

***Don’t use it on eye area, it may cause irritation***

I hope this D-I-Y come in handy for you all ladies out there.

Drop your comments below if you liked it.

Have a lovely day, Take care!

Did you like this method of making your own liquid foundation?


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  1. Good attempt, but this will be very sheer one, I would rather call it a DIY tinted moisturiser than a foundation, tinted powders or loose powders r very sheer, n when u mix it with a butter or lotion, it gets more sheer, so its a tinted moisturiser, foundations r very pigmented products and give higher coverage.

    • Tapaswini, I don’t use heavy foundations for my skin and for fair & dry skin like mine it works pretty well.
      I am not-a-very-much-into-makeup person and trust me It gives me what I require.
      So I like it ! 🙂

  2. I agree with taps.. with my current breakout i need a full coverage foundation But this is a fantastic attempt and good for al foundation virgins out there,, i am a pro at hiding all acne marks and dark circles now

  3. good work Vishakha
    Even I love Tinted moisturizers more than a foundation ..
    which loose powder have u used here?I have a combination skin. so can I use the body butters or should I mix it with some oil free moisturizer?

  4. Nice idea vishakha…wish it could be used near eyes too… I rarely comment on wiseshe but visit every single day! Love tapaswini’s value-add comments….ana, I appreciate the fact that you publish comments without heavy moderation…this place gives me a lot of warmth n genuine friendly vibes 🙂 donno when I will comment next, so sorry about the long comment, but will come n read every single day 🙂


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