How To Maximize The Glow After A Facial Treatment


How To Maximize The Glow After A Facial Treatment

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Facial treatments keep your skin refreshed, soft & radiant. However, maintaining that post facial glow does require some effort. Your skin becomes more sensitive after a facial treatment & getting post-facial breakouts is quite common. So, you need to take extra care of your skin to keep it happy & healthy. Let us take a look at some steps to maximize the glow after a facial treatment.

Wash Your Face With The Right Products:

After getting a facial treatment, you should wash your face only after a minimum of 24 hours. Also, while washing your face, pick a gentle & non-comedogenic cleanser so that it does not irritate your skin & avoids further breakouts.


Follow With A Moisturizer:

It is important to keep your skin moisturized after cleansing. Go for a non-comedogenic moisturizer to avoid irritation and keep it soft & nourished.

Avoid The Sun:

Since your skin becomes sensitive after a facial treatment, avoid going out in the Sun immediately after your treatment. The harmful UV rays can damage the skin and even cause scarring. In case it is still necessary to step out, then apply a physical sunscreen that contains titanium dioxide rather than a chemical one in order to avoid irritation.

Keep Yourself Hydrated:

It is important to keep yourself hydrated after a facial treatment. Drink plenty of water to make that glow last longer & eliminate toxins from your body.


Avoid Touching Your Face:

Avoid touching your face or popping pimples after a facial treatment. Touching your face transfers impurities & bacteria to your face which might cause fresh breakouts. The items that come in contact with your face like cell phones should also be kept clean.


Avoid Makeup:

Putting on makeup after a facial treatment can block pores & damage the skin. It is therefore recommended not to apply make up for up to 12 hours after the treatment to allow the skin to fully absorb the products used in your treatment.


Skip Facial Steaming & Sauna:

The skin pores open up after you get a facial treatment. Steam can strip the glow away & even cause redness & skin damage.


Avoid Smoking & Drinking Alcohol:

These habits are as it is bad & they worsen the skin after a facial treatment. The harmful chemicals can also seep into your skin and damage it drastically. In addition, it can even cause scarring.

avoid drinking smoking

Avoid Using Harsh Scrubs & Soaps: Do not exfoliate your skin using scrubs & also avoid harsh soaps as these can cause irritation to the skin.


Avoids Stress: Last, but definitely not the least, maintain a healthy lifestyle. Avoid taking stress as it can make your skin look dull and lifeless & more prone to breakouts. Eat a balanced diet with fresh fruits and vegetables & avoid junk & oily foods. Avoid drinking caffeine as these are dehydrating in nature & make the skin look dull. In addition, make sure to exercise regularly as well.


Do you follow these steps to maintain the post-facial glow?

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