How To Minimize The Effects Of Hot Shower During Winter


How To Minimize The Effects Of Hot Shower During Winter

During winters, anything and everything cold is what we hate. We are afraid of cold water and even for washing or similar needs; we wish to use hot water. But have you ever observed why our hands and skin look dry and wrinkled during winters while we have kept them under the hot water? Or why do we feel our palms and lips get dried even more than while we are not feeling thirsty or dry like we do in summers? Well the answer is hot water!


The shower that we took in the morning that filled our bathroom with smoke was good enough to make your skin dehydrate. I am sure most of us would agree that we feel sleepy and drowsy the whole day while we might increase our shower duration, wash our hair or whatever. The reason is hot water is only good for relaxation. It relaxes your muscles, calms you down and might give you a temporary relief of not having to bath with cold water which is a crazy proposition for winters anyways.


For this very reason, experts say that cold water is the solution for hair and skin problems even during winters. Cold water has its own advantages which are often overlooked by us in our explicit attempt of having our comfort of not having to come in contact of cold water. Cold water is very good for our skin and hair compared to hot water as it retains the hydration and moisture of your skin and water. The hot water strains our body from moisture and leads to dryness both in our scalp and skin.

Cold water thus can provide some straight forward benefits which are:

Making you alert and moving


Cold water sparks the energy back into you and leads to make you stay full of energy and alertness all day.

Helps you retain hydration

Cold water keeps your skin and hair full of moisture that it needs. It keeps your hair free of split ends and itching. While your hair are also shinier once you bath with cold water.

I am sure you would have noticed that during winters we lose the luster of our hair and they look all dry and dull. Our skin also is dry and lips are chapped. Isn’t it a clear cut indication that we are doing something wrong to ourselves? We do not splash a bout of hot water on our face ever, do we? We only do it to our body- clearly we are unfair!


Anyway, better late than never, we must ensure that we do not use very hot water for bathing. If we have already done that we must ensure enough moisturizing of our skin the entire day. Regarding hair, we must keep our hair nourished all day through proper use of shampoos and conditioners. Also, we must use oiling as our regular bi-weekly routine.

Cold Showers For Hair & Skin

We must balance the temperature of water to be bearable and temperature to be a little higher than our body temperature than to use something which could be very hot for our body to tolerate. Very high temperatures could mean blood rushing to our head while with cold water, blood rushes to our organs, where it originally and biologically should.

Are you too guilty of using very hot water for skin & hair?

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