How To Nail A Dewy, No Make-up Look With Minimal Effort


How To Nail A Dewy, No Make-up Look With Minimal Effort

Come winters, and all there is to see is statement lip colors, heavily winged eyeliners and loads and loads of boldness in make-up. But with the current spring-monsoon months, 2015 demands some subtlety. Gone are the days of bright red lips and heavy Smokey eyes, let’s go au natural and dewy now; this is what the trending style is. No, we are not asking you to leave home with a bare face; we would never do that to you. All I mean to say is that you can always use your regular make-up in a toned-down way, which can intensify your beautiful features all the more.

A dewy make-up look needs a healthy looking radiant skin.

Eau Thermale Avene Clean-Ac Cleansing CreamEau Thermale Avene Clean-Ac Cleansing Cream

How can we forget the importance of a healthy, youthful skin when it comes to natural, dewy and no make-up look? After all the skin is the ultimate canvas and it needs to be cleansed thoroughly. Firstly, taking a make-up remover on a cotton swab, remove any remains of oils or left over makeup from the skin. Then using a mild cleanser, cleanse your skin. Exfoliate the skin if necessary but make sure to exfoliate using gentle rounded exfoliation beads. Using a natural toner, close the freshly opened pores, by applying it to your cleansed and exfoliated skin with the help of cotton swab.

Do not underestimate the power of a tinted moisturizer or BB Cream

Victoria's Secret Tinted Moisturizer

Yes, I know that none of you leaves alone a moisturizer, especially after exfoliation. Still, small things can go unnoticed at times; so here I remind you. Tinted moisturizers and BB creams, both have the ability to give light to medium, sheer looking coverage, while leaving your skin dewy and glowing. They also eliminate the need to apply a cakey-looking heavy foundation, and even out the skin more naturally.

Squeeze a pea sized amount of your favorite tinted moisturizer or BB cream and spread it evenly on the entire face with clean fingertips, going over and under the jaw line. Warm up the tinted moisturizer on the skin using your fingers and make sure to buff in into the skin completely, so that no prominent lines are visible. I recommend using fingers over brushes while going for a no make-up look as it looks more natural.

TIP: Try opting for a moisturizer with inbuilt SPF of 30 or higher to eliminate the extra step of having to apply a sunscreen. And always use an oil-free, unscented moisturizer to avoid the skin from getting aggravated or acne prone.

TRICK: For the naturally glowing-from-within look that celebrities adorn, use a highlighter strategically. Dab it above your brow bone, on the tip of your nose, slightly in between your eyebrows, on your chin and on the apples of your cheeks with a light hand.

Conceal only the problem areas

Inglot Cream Concealer handSwatch

Now that the BB cream has done its magic and evened out your skin to quite some extent, the base has been built quite to some extent. If you are one of those blessed girls with issue-free skin, you can skip the concealer completely. But for those with dark circles, under eye bags and pesky zits, blemishes; pick up a concealer in a shade closest to your skin and apply it to only the problem areas. The concealers are meant o be applied ever so lightly and only on the blemish or problem area, not around it. Dab tiny dots of your concealer on the outer corners of the eyes, a little under the eyes, on the sides of the nose, some of it on the chin and touch it above the blemishes or zits you may be struggling with, which the BB cream was not able to camouflage. Always remember to blend in the concealer with the rest of your skin with fingers for a naturally done, streak free look.

TIP: If you have moderately oily skin, skip the moisturizer, instead use an oil-free BB cream and follow up with concealer and powder. But if you have super oily skin, do not venture into BB creams at all and just go with a light concealer and powder foundation.

Only the areas prone to shine are meant to be powdered.

Ever seen a matte looking natural skin? No? Nor have we. This is what I am talking about. Now that the coverage part has been done, you do not need to use a translucent powder or powder foundation (colored powders) on your entire face. The powder needs to be applied with a large fluffy blush only on the oilier parts of your face, which generally are your t-zone, the bridge and sides of your nose and the chin. Make sure to add light layers of powder and do not over do it.

TIP: Gone over-board with the powder? No problem, take a tiny bit of your moisturizer on your palms, rub your palms lightly and press them to your cheeks or the areas where you thin k the powder is overdone. This one small step can instantly bring back life to your face.

Opt for a Crème Blush in warmer tones.

nyx creme blush online sale

Natural look does not mean that you cannot add a flush of color to your face. A natural glowing, rosy skin looks beautiful. To achieve a radiant skin, you need to fake a natural glow. Powder blushes applied with blush brushes can never give you the naturally done look. Instead opt for a creme blush and apply it using your fingers instead of brushes or sponges. Dab three dots of a creme blush in warmer tones such as earthy pinks, berries and apricots and using your ring finger buff it into your skin outwards and upwards towards your temples. Creme blushes help achieve the natural flush of color and also make your skin looking youthful and dewy.

TIP: Skip cool toned blushes, like bright pinks with blue-undertones. Avoid using anything with shimmer or speckles in it as they can be too overwhelming.

Spray your face with a facial mist.

Makeup Mist & Set ELF

Spraying your face after make-up? Yes, you heard it right. Some facial mists are specifically targeted to set your make up and keep it intact while keeping your skin looking fresh and dewy. Spritz your face with a good quality make-up face spray to achieve the glowing skin naturally.

Tame your brows.

Groomed Brows with NYX Dark Brown Gel Eye Liner

Now is the time to give your eye area the extra attention and make your eyes look wide-awake. The best way to give your eyes a more naturally brightened look is to keep your brows in check. Natural brows are never penciled in; so say goodbye to your eyebrow pencil and say hello to our new found love, the eyebrow gel. Chose a clear or tinted version and smooth it over your eyebrows, we promise you will love your brows.

TIP: Alternatively, using a powder in a shade similar to your brow hairs. Fill in the brows using an angled brush. Smoothen it out using an old, clean mascara wand or eyebrow brush.

Line, define and open up your peepers.

We Indian women cannot live without our cult black eye defining pencils. But let us give our black eyeliners a break here. Instead, using a faded black, brown or gray kohl pencil; line one thirds of your water line, starting from the outer corner. For a brighter eyed look, using an off-white or taupe colored pencil liner the inner corners of your water line, which will make your eyes look more awake.

Some of us cannot think of leaving our house without a hint of eyeliner. If you are one of those, using a cake or gel eyeliner in a soft shade of black, apply a very thin and precise line of eyeliner; leaving a pinkie-width space between the eyeliner and your nose. This gives a more clean and natural finish to your eyes.

PRO TIP: For a true no make-up look, take a gel eyeliner in black shade, and load the required product on a flat eyeliner brush. Press the brush as close to your lashes as possible for fuller looking lash line. Try and master the art of tight lining, i.e. applying eyeliner on the upper rims of your eyes, just the way you would line your lower lashes.

Let those lashes flutter.

Nothing speaks beauty more than flirty, curled, full lashes. A natural look can be done without lining your eyes, but without mascara? I don’t think so. After curling your lashes with a good eyelash curler for 10-20 seconds, apply a single swipe of brownish-black lengthening mascara. Work the mascara deep into the roots of your eyelashes. Apply another coat if you want more drama to your otherwise natural looking face. Using a lash comb, de-clump your lashes and apply an additional coat to the outer corners of your eyelashes.

Pucker up.

colorbar sheer creme lust lipstick deep orange lip swatch

The final step to a beautiful looking, naturally dewy face is sheer lips. The simplest thing to do would be to apply a tinted lip balm in berry shade, which is universally flattering. Amp up your lips all the more, by applying the lip balm using your fingertips, rather than applying it directly from the tube. Concentrate a heavy dose of the balm on to the center of your lips and blend it outwards.

BONUS TIP: For the most natural looking lips, you can opt for color adjusting lip balm which customizes itself according to your lip color. The color changes itself to suit your skin tone and adjusts accordingly.

A no make-up look never literally meant to devoid your skin of any makeup at all. With these 10 basic steps, you can easily nail the au natural look which would be the go to trend for spring 2015. Achieving a dewy finish for your skin is not so hard after all. All you need to do is a make-up which looks like your own skin, just better.

Makeup is a huge world, go explore it. Look natural, feel beautiful. 🙂

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