How To Nail The Smudgy Eyeliner Look?


How To Nail The Smudgy Eyeliner Look?

We are often seeing others in that perfect smudgy eyeliner look and wondering how on earth she managed that! Isn’t it? Well not anymore, I am bringing to you the simple steps you could follow and make yourself have the smudged eyeliner look all by yourself! And then you could be teaching it to others with your own self earned confidence! All you need is a little practice which is no harm as it takes barely 15 minutes and soon you would be mastering it and doing it in even lesser time. After all, we learnt to do our basic grooming this way as well.

Lakme Absolute Gloss Artist Liquid Eyeliner Black eotd

So how do you begin doing the smudgy look? Well do not just pick an eye pencil and begin. We need to first open our eyes up to receive the treatment. Just like you prepare a stage before the act begins! LOL.

wide eyes

Anyway the right way is to first use a curler to kind of activate the eye lashes to be opened up for the eyes to look bigger. Now firstly use a primer on your eyes. I usually prefer doing it with my concealer. Now use an eye shadow may be a compatible color like copper or brown so that your eyes look highlighted.

how to use eye primer

Now begin applying the Kohl on the upper and lower lashes. You don’t have to be perfectly doing the kohl as it anyways has to be smudged. Just ensure to apply the Kohl evenly and not leaving any blank space on each eye lashes and the tear duct part as well. Also, cover the water line.

laura mercier smoke eyes

After this, create a V along the water line towards your eye, covering the upper and lower part equally. Now smudge the kohl wherever applied evenly and let the V be blended and smudged so that it does not show up abruptly and looks very much a part of the smudged eye. You need to move the V inwards towards your eyes using a brush.

beautyful eyes

Now use a darker eye shadow right above the kohl to make it more defined and highlight the smudge even better. This would also give you a two toned eye shadow to make your eyes look bigger and brighter. You can now apply compact on your brow bone.

jumbo pencil purple smoky eyes

Now is the time to curl up your lashes and apply mascara. If you are having smaller eyes which need to be more defined, I would suggest you to use mascara twice. Two to three coats are usually enough to define smaller eyes and make them look bigger in appearance. If you feel your eyes are still looking closed or small, you may apply a lighter tone eye shadow on the inner corner of your eyes. Use colors like peach or gold or may be a little silver.

party makeup look for eyes

Eyes are our defining point and we need to look perfect with them. I hope the smudgy eye liner look is not a distant dream for you now. I am sure you will do it perfectly from the second or the third time and this would not be a time taking task. While writing and explaining we have to incorporate deeper details so that you do not miss anything while we try to explain. With words it is always detailed so the number of words here should not confuse you or lead you to think that this is something very tough. Once you try, shall you know that it is all easy.

Hope you like the smudgy eye look and rock the look!

Have you tried Smudged eye liner look?

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