How To Organise Travel Makeup & Beauty


For most of us make-up has become an inseparable part of our lives. Be it running a quick errand at the nearest market or dressing up for an occasion. From a basic kohl and lip-gloss for a casual look to an elaborate 2 hours makeover session for that special day. A lunch session with the gal pals or a date with the special one. Best friends bachelors party to cousins wedding day. We all love to have our make-up and beauty products around. We love to carry it with us, wherever we go.


But traveling can restrict me from carrying a lot of my favorite stuff. I may carry most of my stuff but yet miss the favorite lipstick I left behind in my dresser drawer thinking I may not use it. How do you organise your travel makeup and beauty kit? How do you prioritize?

I follow a few tips on that help me set my travel make-up kit ready.

Sort essentials –

I always sort out what is my must haves for the travel and what I can do without. For example – I have to carry my 3 step skin care, anti aging serum , hand cream, body lotion, lip balm. With regards to make-up I need my kohl, eyelash curler, mascara, travel size brushes, nude lipstick, bb cream, eye-shadow primer.

 Organize as per the occasion and look I want to achieve –

Depending on what are I am dressing for and what look I want to achieve I pack my make-up. For Example – For a typical Indian day wedding I would not miss out on warm color eye shadow palette, darkest kohl I have, peachy or pink blush for the sunny effect and my sunscreen lotion. For a bachelors night out with friends I would definitely need my smokey eye palette, nude lipstick , highlighter and flush pink blush.

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Carry miniatures –Makeup Travel Tips:-

To get the right look with the makeup, accessories play a pivotal part. The powder blushes need blush brushes. Eye makeup needs a set of brushes depending on how you plan to do up your eyes. Mascaras don’t perform the best without curling the eyelashes. I carry miniatures of these essentials. For example, I carry mini eyelash curler, mini travel make-up brushes and eyeshadow palettes instead of individual eye-shadows.

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Refill in travel size kits –

I don’t like to skip the beauty or make-up routine because I may not get the look I would like to achieve with my skin is not feeling up to it. I ensure I carry my skin care and beauty essentials with me whenever I travel. It’s like food for the skin. I ask for sampler of the full size products that I buy and use them as my travel companions. If they are refillable I ensure I refill them. Many drug stores have these kits that have small refillable bottles that’s permissible for air travel. They could also be a good option. Else I use small used (clean) bottles to refill.

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Use make-up pouches

‘ I reach my travel destination and just when I am getting ready for a beach party , I open my luggage to find that my opened eye-shadow palette and broken eyeliner have dyed my favorite peach colored sarong like a tie-n-dye dupatta’. Gosh!!! What a nightmare it could turnout. You never know how your baggage is handled during your journey.  I always carry my make up in plastic/plastic coated pouches. They not only organize my makeup for easy access but also save me from any damage or pilferage and look very very cute.

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What’s your ideas on travel make-up and beauty?

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  1. Ooh this is one post close to my heart as i pretty mych lived outta a suitcase! To organise stuff .. Samples and those mini travel botlles u get are lifesavers! And most imp .. Wrap all liquids in plastic bags! I have had tht experience of a bottle bursting to due to air pressure in a flight

  2. Nice post, Iam always careful when it comes to my make up,skin care n accessories while Iam travelling, I take utmost care of them. 😎

  3. I have a Loreal make up pouch in my handdbag always and few more pouch as a make up travel kit. Also I have a very cute pink color Bourjois box to store my make up stuff…! :lipstick:

    great post!!! :yes: 😀

  4. Zee best thing u can do is dontcarry too much mskeup .. Wht i usually carry :. Naked palette kohl three lippies( one in pink , peach n one eve shade) one pink and one peach blush n mascara! N put ur makeup pouch in a ziplock bag for added protection

  5. Great post! :yes: I travel so frequently so suddenly dat i barely get time to pack. So my makeup is stored permanantly in pouches so that i can just grab em and i’m off 🙂


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