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How I Overcame PCOS

Hi Everyone,
I hope you all are doing good and are in the best health!
Today, I am here to share a very personal experience of mine. I will be honest here that initially I was not very comfortable about discussing this on a social platform like this but I pondered over and gave a thought that one should not stay behind in discussing those things which can benefit a lot of women like me. I was lucky to have got expert advice and opinion but what if I didn’t meet the right people and kept mum about my problem. Had I been here discussing all this with you all?

Let me share that I am a woman in my mid 20’s and have been married for 4 years. I admit that in the starting of 2014 I followed a very sedentary lifestyle for few months which resulted in weight gain and from 63kgs went on to become 68.5kgs (measured in July) and I even experienced absence of periods for a good 4 months from April to August last, when I got medical help.

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I had no history of any hormonal issues previously and so I was not expecting this to happen so suddenly. Well, I was not worried initially but when 3 months passed I was paranoid as to what happened and went in for the tests in August itself due to some unavoidable stuff at home.

pcos and weight loss
The doctor advised to go in for an Ultra Sonograhy and then see the exact cause for my condition. Well, the reports indicated PCOS and possible case of minute Gall Stones.

Now the medications started and I got my periods in a week’s time. But I was worried as to how come I ignored my health that this situation came. So I discussed all this with Anamika and Tarun Preet and I really appreciate the unconditional support and word of advice both these ladies gave me to improve my lifestyle. I gathered a lot of information on the possible causes and the preventive measures one can take to avoid fertility issues like PCOS.
After knowing all this I remembered how irresponsible I had been since the start of the year 2014 and that now I need to switch back to a healthy lifestyle s I don’t want to be dependent on medicines at all.

how i overcame pcos

Well after I got my chums(Periods) in August, I stopped the medications with the confidence that I am going to overcome my illness naturally. So I started following a low Carb Diet since then. From a high carb diet I went on to follow a Low carb diet with some initial difficulties.
The other month I got my periods on time on its own and since then I have not taken a single medicine for PCOS or anything and my periods have been regular since then.
I do cheat sometimes and then follow a strict diet again and now it feels more of a healthy habit than any particular diet. I had a tough time to refrain eating carbs as being a North Indian, rotis & paranthas are considered a must have food. :-p

how to overcome pcos
I don’t follow a strict fitness regime but do exercise 2 times a week which includes weight lifting & Yoga. I don’t aim to lose weight at all. I was just following this diet to be free from PCOS. The weightloss came as a beautiful surprise. I am keen to follow the diet always and see if I can lose few more kgs as my ideal weight should be between 58-62kg for a 5’6’’ inches tall body frame.
Now I weigh 63.5kgs and have reduced a good 4kgs since September. I would credit Anamika & Tarun Preet for helping me out in overcoming my illness. And now I am PCOS free until I go back to the same sedentary lifestyle and stop eating right, which is possibly not going to happen anytime soon!
I really wanted to share this since a long time and now finally I did share everything I felt about how a particular lifestyle and diet changes the well being of a person.

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  1. Kudos to u Ira for sharing your personal story wid all of us.. :* its takes a lot of courage to do so.. And again a very big congrats to Anamika and Tarun for helping one more person to achieve her best and be healthy..
    Wise she and the sister blogs r not just online platforms.. but a very strong support group for all of us here.. 🙂
    Stay healthy and blessed Ira!!!

    • Thank u so much Himani..I am really glad I was able to share this!
      I wonder that the tips and advice were so effective… then the weightloss program must be really effective as it has a more specialized approach for a person’s well being!
      Thanks a lot Ana & Tarun! :-* :-*

  2. Thanks Haritha..

    I just helped her because she is a dedicated team member i didnt know tips will help her out so much..Our diet plan is much more professional and personalized 🙂 I am glad we are able to help and change lives 🙂

  3. I am so proud of you Ira. I remember when you pinged and I could sense you are freaking out. You seem to be so back to life now 🙂 , very happy for you!

    • Thanks a lot Tarun..I can’t thank you enough for everything you and Ana did..this is the least I could do to tell others about how they too can get rid of their health issues in a simple way! 🙂

  4. really glad for you, it needs so much of courage to discuss such private issues, but hats off to the wise ladies here 🙂


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