How To Perfect Your Winged Eyeliner & Colorbar Makeover Class


How To Perfect Your Winged Eyeliner

Often we find it difficult to apply winged eyeliner. Today, I am going to give you the step-by-step tips to perfect the art of applying the perfect winged eyeliner. With a little practice, you would be able to apply it perfectly. It is in trend these days and we should know to apply it.

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First Step

As a first step, I would take the eye liner which I like to be free flowing. It is very necessary since we need to apply it in a few strokes and if the eye liner is not free flowing or it clumps, it would ruin the look. Now with a suitable eye liner, I would create a diagonal line towards the corner of my brow, just half way from it beginning from the outer eye corner. Often people begin with the inner eye corner but I prefer the outer side first as it gives me a nice outlined premises.faces canada ultime pro gel eyeliner swatch

Second Step

Now next, I would create a straight line above my eyes meeting the diagonal line at the tip. This is to ensure that I can assess the outlined shape this way. If I am not happy with it, I can redo it a number of times without ruining the portion of the eye. This way it saves me time and also does not make me undo the makeup so many times.

Once I am satisfied with this line, I leave it that ways half done and move towards the inner eye corner. From there, I begin a new line which would extend to meet this half-done line. And then form a perfect outline to my eye. This would be perfect as I would move along the eye balls without ruffling here and there.

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Now the only thing left is to fill the spaces with strokes of the liner and I am done. If you feel that it is unruly in parts or cluttered somewhere, you could easily undo it. How? Well, its easy. Take the thinnest eye liner brush you have, clean it and rub your cleanser milk over it or dab a few drops and just calmly erase your mistaken eye liner. You can easily clean all the clutter and redo it. Just be careful not to use a clumped eye liner brush for the initial strokes. Always clean the frozen clump and then use it.

Eye Stencils

One could also use stencils that are easily available in the market or like that was shared in the video as ordered Ali Express for cheap prices.

The issue with stencils is that you do not gain that confidence as you rely on the stencils for perfection all the time. With your own hands if you practice, you would soon catch up with the best of makeup experts and you would not find the need of any stencil for support. You should just be able to put it on decently while you are practicing and you also should be comfortable redoing it patiently.

This way, you are always free to apply or re-apply it until you are perfect at it. Do try this using the way I shared and do revert with your comments and feed backs. I would wait eagerly. Sharing is caring and so I did to share how I practice and use the perfect winged eye liner.

Colorbar Makeover Class

I recently attended Colorbar makeover class .I like meeting makeup artist as I get to talk a lot with them and discuss my passion.No matter how skilled a person is meeting someone always adds that extra knowledge ..I am not saying I am skilled what I want to convey here is that desire or thirst to learn more should not end ever..:)



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