How To Perform Karwa Chauth Puja


Annie asks,

I am a christian and married to a Hindu boy .I want to start keeping Karwa chauth fast from this year  and  would be glad if you let me know how to perform Karwa chaith puja.I have downloaded Karwa chauth story  and I have seen women using  some ceramic steal plate is needed etc.If you can share how you perform it I can choose the way which suits me the best.

Thanks in advance

How to perform karwa chauth puja

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  1. hi annie, you need karwa, which is a mud pot, but I don’t get it here so you can use metal pot and fill it with fresh water with few drops of freah milk. You have to put five things in your plate, fruits or sweets whatever you want. some gift for your MIL. Roli, Moli ( sindoor and red thread) and pinch of rice. One pink or red cloth to cover up the plate. That’s all you need for pooja. But karwa chauth is punjabi’s festival.. not a comman hindu featival.

  2. oh yes one more thing after doing pooja( story) in the evening , you can drink milk or juice as said the way you do your first karwa chaut rest of the life you have do it like that way only. so you can drink one glass of juice , tea or milk

  3. hi Annie, you need to start your day with Sargi. It will be your meal to last you till moonrise. Sargi has to be consumed before sunrise, while the stars are still visible. For panjabis, this meal must consist of Feni, which is a vermicilli cooked in sweet milk. The rest of the day you fast. There are certain things that you are prohibited to do while you fast. This includes using a scissor to cut something, sewing anything, waking a sleeping person and patching up with someone who has fought with you and isn’t talking to you! It is good to wear an auspicious colour like pink, red, green on this day and some sindoor, bangles and bindi…

    In the evening, you need to do a katha. This is the part where the ladies dress up and listen to the katha. Nidhi has described the part very well. In your thali, include a glass of water as well. When moon rises, you offer this water to the moon and break your fast with the remaining portion 🙂

    Hope you enjoy your fast!


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