How To Perform Navratri Pooja (North Indian way)

How to perform Navratri  Pooja the North Indian way

Happy Navratri to you and your loved ones! Navratri Utsav is a spectacular festival celebrated by Hindus with great pomp and show, honouring Maa Durga, a healer of all difficulties. It is celebrated all over India, however most importantly the festive grandeur and fun is witnessed in Mumbai, Gujarat, and Karnataka and across Maharashtra. The festival is celebrated not only in homes but also in Sarvajanik Pandals. Every Sarvajanik pandal does decoration keeping a certain theme or social issue in mind and innovatively represent current social issues that the society faces and gives the message to the masses. Men and women folk dressed in the most awesome traditional wear dance the night out in praises of Lord Durga.

navratri pooja review

Spread spirituality, devotion and knowledge about Maa Durga

Navratri Utsav falls in the months of April and October. The 9-day festival span brings in great enthusiasm and devotion amongst the masses. Navratri which means 9 night festival begins on the new moon day of Ashvani month in Hindu calendar. Chaitra Navratri 2016 is from April 8 to April 15 as per Hindu calendar.Ninth day of Ashvina is the most auspicious time of Hindu calendar. This Navratri which is after the festival of Holi in the month of Chaitra Shukla Paksha from first day to Navmi is called Vasanth Navratri. Once before Dussehra in the month of Ashwin Shukla Paksha from first day to Ninth day. These are called Sharadeeva Navratri.
In these nine days all young girls are worshiped  and given new clothes to wear by their parents. These nine days also have a special significance for unmarried girls as well.
However in this section of the blog we will explore how is Navratri celebrated the North Indian way?
Decorations for Idol Welcome

Sarvajanik pandals

The Pandals are one of the striking features of this festival. During this festival, community Pandals serve as temporary homes for the idol of the deity. The Pandals are mostly spaciously decorated; half is decorated for the Puja, while the other half is designed as a venue for Garba and Raas performances in groups in large numbers.

Decorations at home

navratri decoration how to do
A certain section of the house facing the north is selected and decorated for placing the idol or the Maa Duraga Paper chart is stuck on the wall.

Every child, Young boys, men and women can be seen dressed and decorated in the most traditional decorative wears and jewellery.

1. On the first day of Navratri Jhuwara is grown in an earthen pot. Take a wide mouth pot and fill sand in it. Plant jaun or you can use wheat kernels as well (It should be soaked previous night).Sprinkle water on it every day and is kept under the sun light for few hours.
navratri jhuwara review
2. For the Puja take water filled Kalash and put the above grains on the mango leaves. Place these leaves in the mouth of the kalash and put a coconut in the middle. Tie a moli around the neck of the kalash. Now place durga Mata’s image on the wooden pata and worship it Use roli, rice, flowers, belpattar, sindoor, abhir and previous left over holi gulal.
3. Take a clay pot and put burning dry cow dung or a burning coal in the pot. Add bit of ghee over the coal so that it can catch fire. Place some sweets like ladoo or peda on it. Now keep adding ghee on it. Light it with a match stick or you can place a burning diya with which it will catch fire. Maintain this jyoti through out puja and sing durga aarti.
Food eaten by people who generally keep a fast on this day
Navratri meals are strictly vegetarian even without the usage of onion and garlic. As people observe fast during Navratri and eat only one meal a day, Navratri meals has special courses. Generally kuttu ki roti, sabu daana kichdi ,kuttu pakodi is cooked and is taken one time. For rest of the day people take fruits. On the 8th day rice kheer, puri, kaala chana and one or two vegetables sabji is cooked. Young unmarried girls are invited and served the food.
navratri meals review
They are given some money too after serving them. There are many people who make dev ki kadhai too on 9th day.
Wish your friends and family “Happy Navratri” through varied social media channels
Right from the day one, people start sharing awesome Happy Navratri Utsav Facebook (FB) Covers, Photos, and
Banners 2016 on timelines of friends and family on Facebook or what’s app and mail them HD photos and banners of Maa Durga.
Download your selection of the best melodious spiritual environment created by the Navratri songs.
The Mp3 remix of the Navratri songs sooth everybody with the divine mantras. You will hear a lot of such soulful songs during the Navratri festival season which are usually played by the pandals. You will want to play these songs if you are fasting and celebrating Navratri (Ghat Puja) in your home. These songs are all dedicated to Goddess Durga and playing them will help you create the much needed environment for the festive celebration.
Navratri Gifts
People on the auspicious occasion of Navratri festival exchange gifts, sweets and greetings amongst family and friends. Some of the popular gifts exchanged are Idols of Maa Durga, which is considered as one of the best gifts to present on the occasion of Navratri. Silver coin, calendars, dry fruit box and similar items are also an idle gift for the celebration. Another exciting gift can be a spiritual tour to the Maa Durga temple, most ideal gift especially for old parents and staunch followers of Maa Durga such as a tour to Vaishno Devi or similar places.
Additionally, chaniya cholis for women with matching accessories and kurtas for men are sent to relatives and friends. Feel happy and rejoice the great happiness of the holy goddess Durga by playing Navratri songs and Melodies that entice you and create a world of spiritual happiness.


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