How To Pick The Right Contour Shade For Your Skin Tone


How To Pick The Right Contour Shade For Your Skin Tone

Contouring is one of the most testing exercise when you are about to begin your makeup. Those who practice it day in and day out do it quite effectively and their precision sends me to jitters. We often find people with cake look and comment that look at her makeup, she looks funny! Isn’t it? And then we ourselves commit the biggest mistake of choosing the wrong contouring bronzer or highlighter tone for our skin. How to avoid it is best explained in knowing the context of using a contour.


Why do we need contour?

It is basically not unknown to most of us that beneath the layers and layers of makeup, lays a layer or two of contours or foundations to save our skin from the direct attack of makeup and also to base the makeup on a strong foundation so that it does not fall off. This contouring like cement, therefore has to be strong and evenly laid out to not to make our makeup appear as a rough patch work done to hide some parts of the face.

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Just like we want the makeup to be a part of our face, we should base the contouring to adjust to our face and cover its fallacies and serve as the base for the makeup at the same time. For avoiding looking like a sculpture or a mannequin, we need to work on proper contouring and it is definitely an art which only reaches you as a form, once you practice it.

What is the basic of contouring?

It is finding the compatible contour for your skin so that you don’t end up looking painted or crafted. This makes sense for women who just buy any contour and think that they have the solution to the patched makeup skin that shows up some hours after application.

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One must purchase a contour two shades darker than your original skin color as once you blend the contour on your face; you do not look like a shiny mannequin. Colors like sandy brown, matte shades like MAC Bronzing Powder Matte Bronze look good on Indian skin tones. The effect that they impart is a flawless skin with your own tone maintained and it does not look overboard as is the case with other non-suited color tones. We must be cautious about picking our color.

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Some people like contour in powder form while others prefer the cream form. I would suggest you to take up the powder form if you are a beginner as it would help you control the amount of contour you use. These days, companies have started selling combinations of contours and highlighters which are compatible to each other for our ease. I guess these could be better for beginners to use.

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However, one must try and test a product before trusting it for use. Some people are allergic to a few products and this might not serve as a hindrance for you to use the proper product. So, always go for testing the product and use it accordingly.

So, in the nutshell, we must always check a contour before using it for its color, its suitability to our skin tone and to our skin all over for any allergic reactions. Now that we have finalized on the color and the brand, we are good to go!

How do you pick the perfect contouring kit?

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