How To Plan For Makeup Shopping When On Budget


How To Plan For Makeup Shopping When On Budget

Shopping….. and when it is makeup shopping, we know that it gets us totally crazy. We women want to get hold of every possible makeup from all the high ends brands especially but not everyone can get a whole Chanel or Estee Lauder kit, since there is a thing called BUDGET.

I hate this term but yes it definitely restricts me from getting all the makeup that I want and many women at this space will surely agree to this. Shopping is easy, but budget shopping of makeup checks our will power, our determination, our patience and what not.

Today I am here to help you all when you plan to do makeup shopping when on a budget.

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Make A List

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Search in your vanity and decide on what you want to buy first. There are some products that you use often or even daily but there are few products that just lay around waiting for you to at least use them once. Your mascara might be running out and getting dried, while you might feel that you need a new blush and you already have ten blushes with you. In this case, you will have to prioritize your need and then your luxury. Mascara here is your need and the eleventh blush in your stash is more a luxury.

Make A Budget-

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For every time in your list, make a budget. You know how much spending capacity your wallet has, so plan your shopping accordingly. You might fancy a 2k mascara but if your budget allows for something within 1k, so research for your options within that budget.

Save Money-

You know you are on a budget and you know you want some makeup to be shopped. So when you know it all why don’t you save money? You can cut back on various other things and save money for makeup shopping. As a student, I used to cut back on my canteen expenses only to save money for makeup. Imagine a drop of CCD visit can get you a good Maybelline mascara and dropping two CCD visits and get you a mascara from L’Oreal. You know what big difference it can make when you set priorities of expenditure and cutting back on things temporarily that really do not make a big difference to your life.

Control Your Impulse Buying-

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Control your impulses and do not be carried away by the new launches. You have your list and buy accordingly, do not involve in any impulse, out of the list shopping.


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Okay so this may get a little difficult for a real brand conscious freak, but when on a budget you must definitely do this hard task. Switching from high end brands you must look up for great products in drugstore brands. Drugstore brands too offer good quality; you must research and find your best bet.

These were some tips which you must follow when you need to makeup shopping on a budget. Now that you know how you can prevent yourself from a burning pocket, here are few great budget friendly makeup products. Have a look.

  • Lakme CC Cream


This CC cream has a neither thick nor runny texture and ensures superb blend-ability. It brightens the skin and makes the skin look more even toned. The finish is quite natural and not completely matte. A little compact with this will give you a fabulous looking skin. A great buy for daily use and comes only for INR 265.

  • Lakme Absolute Sun Kissed Bronzer


Bronzers come at a heavy price in India and are a rare find in drugstore brands. . Lakme Absolute Sun-kissed Bronzer is a dermatologically tested Vitamin E enriched formula which provides a sun-kissed glow and luminous finish. The bronzer is divided into dual shades, providing you bronzy gold and a cream silver shade with a little shimmer, perfectly suited for Indian complexion. It is priced for INR 650.

  • Faces Long Wear Eye Pencils

Faces Long Wear Eye Pencils

Colored eye liners are always in and you must definitely have them. The colored eye liners from faces are great and have a quality that can give tough competition to many high end brands. These eye pencils come in a variety of more than ten shades price at INR 299.

  • Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner

Maybelline lasting drama swirl gel liner in Brown & gold review + swirl gel liner review

This is one of the most widely used gel eyeliners and definitely makes a place in the affordable range. It is worth every penny spent. You can get a defined or a dramatic look with this liner. The brush provided is a very good one. The gel is creamy, glides on smooth, it does not tug the eyelids. It does not smudge easily and stays put for long hours and is decently priced for INR 475.

  • Faces Go Chic Lip Gloss

Faces Go Chic Lip Gloss Cherry Burst 18 Review+new lip gloss

These are very affordable, good quality lip glosses available in pretty shades. Each comes for INR 250.

  • Lotus Herbals Nutraglow Daily Tinted Moisturiser (SPF 25)

Lotus Herbals Nutraglow Daily Tinted Moisturiser Review+moisturizer with tint

A lightweight tinted moisturizer which provides a hint of skin perfecting color with just enough coverage to hide the appearance of imperfection.  Use any time of the day, be it morning before applying makeup or evening after removing makeup to achieve a polished look while keeping the skin hydrated day long.  This tinted moisturizer with SPF 25 gives a glowy skin with brightening effect and gives sheer coverage.  It is also available in 3 shades and does not break out skin. It comes at a decent price of INR 475.

The list of products is actually never ending and the products mentioned above are not enough. For lipsticks you can try out Maybelline, Colorbar velvet mattes, matte touch and crème touch collection, Lakme enrich and 9 to 5 collection. Maybelline has a fabulous range of nail paints too. You can try out Colorbar nail paint remover as it comes in an economy pack and is acetone free.

There is often a misconception that only after spending money you can get good products, it is rather you get what you look for. A bit of extra research can get you an economically priced good quality product. So being on a budget is not as bad as it may look and you can equally enjoy makeup shopping, though there will be no splurging.

Have you planned you Budget Makeup Shopping List?

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  1. Very useful tips Ritika, the maybelline gel liner is a favourite in drugstore range 🙂
    Switching from high end to drugstore is a daunting task 🙁


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