How To Plan Your Bridal Vanity Case



How To Plan Your Bridal Vanity Case


Every girl has at some point of time imagined herself as a Bride, and when the imagination comes to life, a Bride preps herself a lot for her the day, Of course Beauty being the major concern. There are many bridal packages offered by salons that makes the bride goes through a lot of pre wedding salon sessions and special focus on her diet that makes her skin and hair beautiful. But that’s not it. She needs a perfect vanity case too for her makeup and skincare.

Seriously guys being a “Dulhan” is not an easy thing, she has to go through a lot of stuff. I remember how twitchy I was before my wedding and stayed so for few days even after my wedding since wherever you go, the bride is major attraction everywhere and people keep looking and observing you saying “Toh yeh hai dulhan” or “yeh hai hone wali dulhan”. I still wonder how come I was not nervous on my wedding day, I was talking and smiling a lot, that’s quite unusual isn’t it!

The salon packages to their job only till your wedding day but what after post wedding? The family dinners, outings?? You got to look pretty at every meeting and for that you need to have a perfect vanity case so that you can work on your makeup look by your own easily.

Girls those who don’t know much about doing makeup can seek help in learning makeup techniques from the salon where you have booked the bridal package. Though you will not become an expert overnight, but this will help to an extent.

Today I shall tell you all about some vanity case essentials that will help you plan your vanity case.

CTM Routine:

Well a CTM routine i.e., Cleansing, Toning and Moisturizing is a must routine. I know you may think that who forgets it but yes a bride has got a lot of stuff to think about and in an urge to focus on major issues a bride may just miss this very mere stuff. So before you begin make sure you pick a good face wash, toner and moisturizer in consideration with your skin type.

A tinted moisturizer will of great use when you don’t want heavy coverage of foundation and yet prefer to have an even coverage polished look.
And please also make a point to get a SUNSCREEN too. The Sunscreen you pick should have at least 20SPF and can have even better SPF as per preference.



Primer Benefit Pore Professional


Primer is really essential when you want smooth application of base makeup and also want to make your makeup last for long hours. Invest in a high quality primer. A primer with a rich vitamin composition allows the skin to breathe, so such primer will be a better pick. Also avoid silicone based primers since it may clog your pores.



maybelline instant age rewind concealer price in india


Only a few lucky girls have the most perfect skins sans any scars, uneven skin tone. But for the girls with some imperfections on face a concealer will surely help. A concealer will hide the blemishes and under eye circles and you. People have a tendency of getting a lighter shade concealer than the skin tone, which is wrong. Get a concealer that matches your skin tones and makes the blemishes appear just like your natural skin. Purchase a concealer in day time so that you can check the shade of concealer in natural day light.



lame absolute mousse foundation price


Foundation is the most crucial thing in your vanity. A good foundation does more good to you than you might even know. Other than to even out complexion and hide blemishes, it also helps in dewier and healthier skin appearance. When purchasing a foundation, test it on your jaw line to see if it matches your skin tone.
Some foundations tend to oxidize on face so beware to pick the right one.

Translucent Powder/ Compact:


Maybelline dream matte powder review + maybelline review


I totally love translucent powders and will anytime pick them over compacts. I keep compacts only for on the go touch ups. Translucent powders and compacts/ face powder are used mainly for fixing the makeup and control sebum secretion.

Eye Liner:


DIOR Style Liner intense liquid eyeliner


Eye liner can be considered as a magic tool for eyes. It does the trick to work with eye shapes and work for dramatic to Smokey to subtle looks. Eyes change the whole appearance of you. Make sure to pick a variety of colored eye liners, Black eye liner is a must have.



Diorshow Eye shadow Millenium


So after you have picked eye liners grab some eyeshadows for those sexy eye looks. There is a wide range of eye shadows available in monos and palettes. Creamy eye shadows would be a better pick for brides.



Ulta Mascara Jet Black


Enhanced appearance of eyelashes and make them look thick and long is the ultimate thing that I love doing. And this can easily be achieved with dense mascara. So get a nice mascara.

Also if you have sparse eye lashes, you can also give false eye lashes a chance to work for you.

Oh oh oh… wait before you think that we are done with the eye lashes grooming. Did you pick an eye lash curler for you? By any chance if you think that this tool can be ignored, then you are absolutely wrong. Please get one eye lash curler, this will curl your lashes and open up your eyes and make your eyes look very beautiful.



Streetwear runway russet ultra moist lipstick


Luscious lips can never be missed while we talk about a bride’s vanity case. Lipstick is the key to those wanted luscious lips. A bride should make sure that she picks a gorgeous red lipstick for her vanity. But this is not it, only a red lipstick will not complete your vanity case after all who keeps wearing only a red lippy all the time, not me at least. I had some ten different lipsticks apart from the lip glosses in my vanity cases. I would suggest the same to you. If not ten or more, but at least get some 4-5 different shades of lipsticks that compliment your skin tone.



Clinique Cheek Pop Blush pop


Those glowy cheek apples perks up the whole look. If you want that glowy face, then the trick lies with a good blush. Opt for peachy and rosy blushes that go well with skin tones without much efforts.
Also pick a bronzer and highlighter for that chiseled sculpted face appearance.

Nail Paint:


maybelline colorshow nail paint


The perfect manicured hands are a little incomplete without nail paints. Pick multiple nail paints. Also remember to pick a base-top coat to prevent your nail paints from early chipping and get a nail paint remover too.



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The way you smell speaks about your persona and a sweet fragrance will superbly associate with a bride. One tip- if you desire that your perfume lasts for long, massage vaseline on your wrist and spray perfume over it.

Makeup Brushes:


CS 22 piece brush set


Please please invest in good makeup brushes, because makeup products can be most justified when used with proper makeup brushes. So don’t pass on without letting makeup brushes be a part of your vanity case.

Make-Up remover:


Deborah milano skin clean remover


For all the makeup you put on, now it is time to get that off. Removing makeup before you sleep has to be made habit, our skin needs to breathe. Get a makeup remover that suits your skin best. Even baby oil or olive oil will do well. Also don’t forget to take makeup removing cotton pads.

So my dear beautiful girls I hope it helps you. Since you have a well customized bridal vanity case, please use those products when you get ready on your D- Day.

And please check your products shelf life, you would not want an expired product to damage your skin and also a near expiring date will get your product wasted.

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What more do you think should be included in the Bridal Vanity Case?

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    • I guess you just went thru d subtitles… i hve mentioned most of them in d post, u will find them if you read thr full posts ..
      Anyways thnx fr d suggestions dear:)

  1. I would like to point out that sometimes choosing a concealer that is one shade lighter than your skin WORKS and is actually recommended. It depends on the problem at hand and the area being concealed. For example, blemishes/spots should ideally be concealed with the same shade whereas the under eye area might actually look better with a shade lighter. Also, for some people concealers do not work on their own and they need to be accompanied by a corrector that has green or red undertones. The belief that concealer should match the skin tone is thus false.

    • Thats orange coorector works really well on me..I don have much to conceal but it makes my face quite even toned and yes corrector saves lot of product too.

    • U r absolutely correct… but her i was only talking about essentials not the detailed makeup application techniques and that is why skipped d corrector part , else there is more to every point.

      I really appreciate your suggestions… thanx for dem 🙂


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