How To Polish Your Nails Perfectly


How To Polish Your Nails Perfectly

A perfectly manicured hand is certainly a luxury for any women given the fact that it enhances their attractiveness to certain extent. One may easily get a lovely manicure from the salon and come home with beautiful hands but there are certain things a woman does at home which makes her happy as she pampers herself in beautifying her body in her own way and that too without burning her pockets. 🙂

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There are times we tend to quickly apply nail paint and the end result is not so neat so much so that we repent the decision to do the nails ourselves and visit  a parlor for the perfect set of manicured hands.

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For those who don’t have the time and patience to visit a salon and wait for long hours to get their nails and hands done can easily follow these nail paint tips at home and in a step by step way they can achieve beautiful looking hands and nails just as professional manicure!

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So here are some easy steps to paint your nails in your desired color perfectly!

Remove Old Polish

  • The first step is to remove the old nail paint first. For this choose an acetone free nail paint as it is safe for the nails and doesn’t make them dry or brittle. Take a nail paint remover in your budget which is free from acetone and dip a cotton ball and start removing the nail paint in a gentle way. It will take about 2-3 cotton balls to completely take away the nail enamel. There are ready-made nail paint remover pads available in stores, you can ideally pick those as well!

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  • Now after removing the nail paint, take the desired color of nail paint and rub it in between the palm to warm it up a little bit and also shake it gently in case it has been staying untouched since a long while. Don’t shake the bottle upside down as it will cause bubbles which will lead to not so neat nail paint application!

Base Coat

  • Apply a base coat of your choice and let it dry completely before going any further. The base coat acts as a protective layer and also ensures that the shine and finish of the nail enamel stays for a long time.
  • Take the nail paint and let the excess nail paint in the brush go back to the bottle. Starting from the center of the nail, apply a strip and then to each side. Apply thin strips on the edges as this may lead to nail paint being applied on the edges!

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  • Repeat the same procedure for all the nails. If you comfortable with both the hands, then it is okay otherwise take your sister or mother’s help in applying nail paint to the other hand!
  • Apply on all the nails and sit back for about 5-10 minutes without much activity as the nail paint may smudge with slightest pressure.
  • As the nail enamel dries completely, apply the second coat of nail paint to deepen the nail color and make it more uniform.

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  • Apply a layer or transparent top coat to give a shine to the nail and also increase the staying power of the shade to a few more days!
  • After applying the top coat let your nails dry for a good while and don’t do anything during that time. You can also use a hair dryer from a safe distance if you are in a hurry and cannot wait for such a long time. 🙂

These are some really easy tips one can follow to keep their nail paint smooth and shiny and have the perfectly painted nails without visiting a salon! 🙂

Hoe you like these easy tips! Happy nail painting!! :yes:

Have you tried these tips to paint your nails perfectly?

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