How To Prepare Purple Hair Color


How To Prepare Purple Hair Color

Coloring hair in different, funky hues is a great way to amp-up your look. Funky hair color is a great way to make a statement about your style and your character. But you’ve got to be bold about. To carry a funky hair color one needs the right attitude.

Now that the festive season is already knocking at the doors, why not give your hair a makeover and liven up your hair with some bold, rich notes of a purple hair color.

how to prepare purple hair

Purple or violet is definitely the true punk color if you ask me. Nothing defines the term more than this. This color suits the brunettes or those with darker hair more. This can be a super cool style to sport. If you have curly hair, the loose curls sort, then what you can do is, just dye the end parts with a mix of the two shades of purple. Or if you want sport feathers then maybe you can color the part that falls on your for head. But no need to go overboard with the streaks. Leave some natural hair color when you color your hair with the mix.

purple hair how to

Also you have different shades of purples you can choose from. If you are brunette and dusky, you can go for dark hues of purple. If you are fair and blonde, you can try neon ones. But it is totally up to you. You can be a blonde and still go for dark purple, you can be dusky and still go for neon purples. You just need the right attitude to flaunt purple hair.

Purple hair with commercial dye:

You can choose the easily available commercial hair colors available in markets. Confused about how to color at home!!! Worry not, I shall tell you the process step by step and this way you can save oodles of money that you might have spent in the salon on getting your hair colored purple. First, choose ammonia and peroxide free hair color.

Step 1-

You should always conduct an allergy test first. Mix a small amount of the hair color and apply behind the ear or on elbow or leg. Rinse after an hour. Observe that skin for some 48 hours so as to ensure that you do not have an allergic reaction.

Step 2-

If you have passed the above mentioned test successfully, start with the hair dye procedure. To begin with, dress yourself in some of your old clothes and ensure that you wear gloves before getting into the procedure.

deep purple hair color

Step 3-

As per instructions, mix the colorant and developer into desirable amounts.

Step 4-

Now with the help of a coloring brush apply hair color from your hair roots to all the way down to your hair ends. Evenly coat your hair.

Step 5-

Cover your head with a plastic shower cap, ensure that you cover all of your hair. You can also secure it with a hair clip.

Step 7-

Hair dyes have many chemicals and if they are left for any excess time duration other than instructed, the chemicals may behave harsh and damage your hair. So don’t cross the time instructed by the company.

Step 8

After you the instructed time duration is over, remove the head cap and wash your hair as per instructions.

Temporary Ways to Color hair:

Not everybody has got the attitude and not everybody has got the permission to doll up tresses with funky, permanent hues. There comes temporary hair coloring to your rescue. So, add a punk element to your look with temporary hair color. Just assemble the colors you want to run through your hair and style your hair the way you want it. There are several ways by which you can temporarily color your hair, like chalking, using color sticks, hair shadows, washable cream colors, hair sprays, colored mascaras or hair extensions.

Natural Dye:

Pureed beets will give your hair a reddish purple tone. Quantities of both beetroot and henna is dependent upon hair volume & length. So you just have to add pureed beet to your henna mix and apply this paste on your hair. Leave it at least for an hour; you can extend the timings if you are comfortable. I prefer to leave this pack for 2 hours. Wash your hair and discover the new you with a chemical free process of purple hair.

So which process are you choosing?

Have you ever thought of coloring your hair purple?

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