How To Prevent Makeup From Melting In Hot Weather


Make Your Makeup Last

A few days ago, this is what happened to me. I was walking down the streets, dressed in my favorite Kurti, and lovingly decked up, and suddenly, it started raining. I ran for cover, and when I entered the restroom of the shopping mall I had taken refuge in, I nearly started to cry. My mascara had run, all my foundation had dried in patches and my lipstick was half eaten.

Guess what? I had to remove everything with some toilet paper, and stay make-up free the rest of the evening.

Don’t let this happen to you.

If you are a perpetual lipstick eater, have a problem with your runny eyeliner, or are in possession of a blush which just does not last for long, it is time to make a change. It is time, trust me.

how to prevent makeup melt down+long staying makeup

And here is my list of the five greatest things you can do to make your makeup last long. Way long. Like Amaron Batteries, only better.

  1. Before Beginning Makeup

Have you ever looked at yourself and thought of that old “pari versus poori” thing? That is unfortunately, true (ouch!). How many times have you suddenly realized in the middle of a function that half your makeup is off? To remedy this, you must make your base as strong as possible. Before beginning your makeup, keep yourself open to new experiences. Breathe in deep, and start cleansing and toning. DO this every time you make up. Because when you create a solid base for your makeup, it WILL last long. And the key here is to make the base as smooth as possible. So, cleanse. Tone. Moisturize. The skin will automatically be nice and light. Now, use pore filler or a good quality face primer to make sure the base is totally set. The key is to make your face come as close to normal skin type as possible. Too oily washes off makeup too easily, whereas too dry often makes compact and other makeup set down in patches. So be judicious and use that base. Also, exfoliate. No one wants to touch your cheek and find it feel rough to the touch. EXFOLIATE because that removes those pesky dirt and dead skin that your mama warned you about.  Nyx and Bodyography has two great makeup bases, so does MAC. Use them.

  1. Foundation Woes.

Foundation. Our vice and our virtue. In one stroke, you can look like a clown, or the queen. The key to using the right foundation is in knowing what you want. If it’s a raging thunderstorm outside, you’re probably better off with a sheer coverage one, because well, who knows, you might be stuck. A much better idea is to use foundation only where needed, to even out your skin tone whenever necessary. Dab some on with a sponge on problem areas, and then let it rest. Then apply the rest of the makeup. The key to lasting makeup is patience and the good sense of using minimum to give maximum impact. MAC rocks in this case. NC 42 was, btw, made for me. Just in case you guys were wondering.

makeup meltdown

  1. Eye (Mis)Adventures

Ah, this is a part I would like to spend more time on. Imagine a situation where you are decked up and in a  movie hall, and there is some sad scene playing, and you are sniffing and crying with the hero/heroine/villain/anyone, and suddenly, while dabbing your face, you realize, your mascara had run.

Congratulations. You are officially eligible for Raccoons Unanimous.

Waterproof. Mascara. How many times should it be repeated before the realization hits?

Jokes apart, the best idea in eye color department is to use long-lasting eye shadows, and use them on a minimum basis, just enough to make them stand out. And prepping the eyes with a primer also helps eye makeup last for hours longer in the end. That makes it easier for you to work with them.

When using eye liners and pencils, using smudge-proof, waterproof, and long lasting makeup will help. Gel eyeliners stay on longer than most other, so do good quality kohl and eye pencils. Bourjois has a great range of eyeliners and pencils that you can try.  Also, Revlon has a lovely non-retractable eye pencil which just lasts a long time.

  1. Lay it on!/Layering Makeup

Do you know, layering works? If you put more than one or two layers of makeup on you, then it actually all works out in the end. However, the biggest woe here is a blush. Have you ever had a time when you felt that there was more to the eye? The truth is, a good blush can do that for you easily. Layer on your makeup, from your cheek, to your lips, because that adds subtle effects to the skin, and as the evening or day progresses, one layer might fade into another. For example, using a bronzer between a powder and foundation works wonderfully, when, after an hour or so, perspiration slowly melts away the powder, to remove glowing, bronzy facial skin. It just is amazing.

  1. Lipstick Lovers/Long Staying Lipstick

Have you ever felt yourself wanting to cry because you suddenly discovered your favorite lipstick does not stay on for more than an hour or so? Rebel against it! This works when you apply it in layers. Here’s what you do.

1)      Line your lips to avoid bleeding. Using a lipstick brush or the lipstick itself, carefully fill up your lips.

2)      Let the lipstick settle for 1 minute.

3)      Blot, blot, blot off all the excess lipstick by dabbing a tissue.

4)      Use the lipstick again and cover up your lips with the color.

5)      Repeat steps 2 and 3.

6)      Apply a final coat of lipstick. Do not blot.

To avoid lipsticks from being eaten, stop licking your lips. It might be nice for a heroine to do in a Mills and Boon book, but not on a hot day, or a particularly rainy one. Also, carry your lipstick of choice if you are staying out more than 4-5 hours.

Or, use long-lasting makeup which ACTUALLY WORKS. One hot favorite in this range has to be the long-lasting lipstick range from Max Factor and MAC. There are special ranges like the 9 to 5 range from Lakme which has got a range of long lasting lippies.

Remedial Methods/tips to keep makeup on longer

This is your rescue kit. Carry a small compact, makeup remover wipes, eyeliner or kohl, lipstick, balm, comb and a nail cutter in a small purse. You can also add other things like face wash, face cream, BB cream, foundation, eye shadow, blush and a lot of other things. But that’s entirely up to you.

In the end, the best tip is to be cool if and when makeup meltdown happens. Calm down, wipe your face and start afresh! It’s all good, I tell you (and sweating and being nervous just adds to the redness around your eyes!!).

I hope you guys liked these simple advices. Add yours please, and let’s compare notes!

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  1. “pari versus poori” thing?”..u r amazing with wordsss …

    i do the lipstick thing and even blotting paper don help me as in Delhi i sweat like crazy 🙁

  2. Awesome tips!! and I’d say carry wet wipes with you. they are life savers sometimes!! once in a flight, my foundation was patchy, i swiped my face and went make-up free. such a relief…especially since regular doesnt wash off completely and this might cause break outs 🙂

  3. Ana this post says you are the author.
    Poori : YOU r a pari but ur NAME is poori .. makes sense ?? :rotfl: you have not heard my nick names for others .. and i did tell u .. u can call me ‘pumpkin’, ‘duddilicious’, and all those weird names in harry potter, i’ll not mind at all ..

    • me too, I have read each book about 6-7 times, never get tired of them !!
      i like all those names dudley’s mom calls him .. duddulicious is fav .. dunno why .. delicious + dud = duddilicious ???? :rotfl: who’s ur fav poori ????

  4. Great post…very helpful and the pictures ,uff if this ever happened to me then ….oh no.. :pain:
    I always carry my lippie and compact along with the face tissues in my purse… 😉

  5. Awesome AWESOME post poori! :yes: N call u that only coz it sounds sweet in my head :hug-makeup: No offence gurl 🙂 My lippie is always the first to go. Max factor huh? Can u review it please if u own one?

  6. Awesome post Poori!!

    Strong base is so so imp!! Totally agree!! :yes:

    n Oil Blotting papers n compact r always in my bag.. my savior :chic:


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