How To Prevent Piercing From Getting Swollen And Painful



How To Prevent Piercing From Getting Swollen And Painful

Getting piercings is not a new trend and has its roots in the ancient era. Since years piercings are a huge trend, especially nose and ear piercings. However getting piercings comes with pain and calls for extra care for few days. There are times when your piercings may become sore, get infected and become very painful.


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There are actually few ways that you must follow to prevent your piercings from getting swollen and painful. Today I shall share the same with you all.

Read on.

  • During piercings you must have noticed that the piercer puts in jewellery which is longer that what you would normally want to wear. The reason behind doing this is to compensate for any swelling that may occur during or after the piercing process. After two to three weeks, you must go to the piercer and ask him/her to downsize the long jewellery.
  • To ease the swelling, wrap an ice pack in paper towel and apply it gently over the pierced area. Do not keep the ice pack for too long. This will lessen the blood flow to that area and ease the swelling & pain.
  • Take anti-inflammatory drugs, these block proteins and enzymes in the body which are responsible for causing swelling.
  • Always keep the area clean and dry. You can try sea salt soaks to keep piercings clean.
  • In the shower, at last rinse your piercings with mild soap to get rid of any residue from shampoo or conditioner and to keep the area clean.


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  • Use natural antibiotics like tea tree oil to run over pierced area if it gets infected.
  • Avoid touching the pierced area very often and with unwashed area, as it will get germs and bacteria build up over the piercings.
  • Always observe your piercings and look for early signs of infections and seek for immediate doctor’s advice. It is absolutely normal for you to have redness and slight pain. If you notice red, inflamed streaks, increased pain or a pus discharge, then you should seek medical help.
  • Never involve in over cleaning as over doing as this may disturb healing process.
  • Do not involve in much of self treatments and DIYs as it may react adversely with different skin types.
  • Be cautious and do not let piercings get stuck in your clothes or be pulled, as this will definitely result in increased trouble.
  • Do not fiddle much with the piercings, as it will likely increase the healing time.

These were some must follow tips to prevent your piercings from getting swollen and painful. Follow these tips and have fun with the new piercings. I just have ear piercings, How about you?

What piercings do you have?

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  1. Nice post Ritika…reminded me of my nose piercing back in std VI..I was howling like anything! 😉

    Great tips..thankfully I didn’t have any ear or nose piercing infections as both the times it was done during the winters!


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