How to prevent semolina,all purpose flour and vermicille from insects/spoiled

To prevent all purpose flour(maida),suzi (semolina) and vermicelli (jave) from insect then dry roast them before storing them in the jar.Also if ever you see flour having insect running in it then never re use it or try to put it under the sun thinking insect will run away.I haven’t come across any remedy to get rid of insects of all purpose flour.If you do then please do let me know.
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  1. Dear Anamika,Your blog is so damn interesting. Everyday, I end up reading few posts and all of them are so diverse. I like your blog. Usually for things I cannot prevent the insects, I keep them in fridge, bingo. It works for me.Have a great day ahead. And please do keep sharing great tips.regardsShiva

  2. @Animka, Just wanted to let you know that the links that you gave above for overflowing milk and cream substitute are not working.It give 404 Error.regardsShiva


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