How To Prevent Shoe Bites


Upasana asks,

I get shoe bites every now and then because of sensitive skin , i have changed lots of footwear and have tons lying still unused 😐 i can’t wear them because they sting me anywhere and i’m left with no other options except to wear stylish chappals ( but i can’t always wear chappals for every occasion ) please please please i want some remedy :'(

How to prevent show bites

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  1. i dont know if its available in India… but we have got transparent bandaids…
    it helps a lot preventing shoe bites..
    one more option is to wear pantyhose .. 😛 helps too!!

  2. Apply vaseline to the show area which you think might bite you. I generally apply the night before. But for that you need to know what you want to wear tomorrow 😀 . this worked for me.

  3. Hi Upasana!
    Consider using feet protectors like gel cushions when you intend to wear heels for a long duration and want to save yourself from the aches. Or you have these cushioned adhesives you can stick on to the areas where you get shoes bite. There are lot many of similar products to chose from. You can buy these from stores eg Spencers stocks these, Bata stores all over Delhi and I guess rest of the country too store these.

  4. well i never tried putting vaseline on toes cause i never know where i might get shoe bite :quiet: but next time whenever i have to wear special footwear 😉 i will use vaseline 😀

  5. Hey Ups..i also suffer from terrible shoebites…..regardless of the brand, size, etc i get show bites…other than bandaids which luk kinda weird and r hence my last min solution, i use these gel cushion pads…they r available at Westside and ul luv them..

    u can get them in various shapes too…they have the oval ones which i use on the rear end of the shoe to avoid shoe bite on the back of my ankle…and they also have them in strip shapes…i use this in the front of the shoe when it seems to cut into my foot..

    • hey Prits..ul get araamse from westside…even Scholls has it so u shud b able t find it at any pharmacy or drugstore..

  6. hey upasana! apply coconut oil both on your feet and the sandals you are using the previous night.. the next morning, just wipe the oil from the sandals with a clean cloth.. this helps to a great extent 🙂


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