How To Prevent Smelling Bad During Period


How To Prevent Smelling Bad During Period

Most of us deal with periods secretly and too reluctantly. Not many of us bother to figure out if our practices are hygienic or not. But the one thing that girls and women throughout the world are concerned about period is the smell associated with menstruation. You have to really smell nice throughout the day right?


As we all know, the menstrual blood combined with sweat and germs in the vagina, produces a really offensive odour. This can really be very embarrassing. So here are few tips on how to avoid menstruation odour.

Change your napkins/pads

Be it a sanitary napkin or tampon, change them frequently to escape the unpleasant menstrual odour. I have seen girls who don’t change their pads for a really long time since they don’t have a heavy flow. Common, don’t wait for your pads to stain completely. It is medically advised not to wear a pad for more than 4 hours. That means, you should change your pad every 4 hours, no matter it stained well or not. This is the least you can do to stay healthy.

Avoid harsh soaps

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Our vaginal area is like our ecosystem, it maintains and cleans itself. So you don’t really have to put anything in there. The vagina has good bacteria that keep you clean and healthy. Harsh chemicals in soaps kill the good bacteria and hamper the pH balance. Talking about cleaning the outside area, just warm water and your hands are enough. But if you really want to use anything then try any of those medically prescribed intimate washes. Gently rub between the folds to clean off all sweat, dirt and germs.

Avoid scented products

Many people apply scented soaps, wear scented sanitary pads to smell nice. Some even apply perfume to their panties. Never, never do that. These disturb the normal pH balance of the vagina and encourage the growth of the bad bacteria in the vagina. These bacteria multiply to produce the foul odour.

Clean your hands well

Never forget to clean your hands well before and after cleaning your private parts. You can use soaps now πŸ˜‰

Female hygiene wash

Change your panties

Change your panties at least twice when you are on your period. And also never sit back with stained undergarments. Carry spare underwear with you to change into if you need to, rather than sitting around all day in underwear soaked in menstrual flow.

Trim pubic hair

Please keep your private parts clean. The thick and bushy growth on your pubic area is one of the main culprits. So trim your pubic hair and keep it clean. This will make it easier to wash and clean your vaginal area too.

Take regular baths

In some of our cultures it is believed that a woman should not bathe during her periods. This myth was based on the fact that in the old days women had to bathe in the open or in common water bodies like a river or lake. But you don’t have to go through such phases. So shower at least twice a day. This will not only kick away the menstrual odour, but the smell of fresh soap will keep your body smelling clean and sweet. Again remember not to use soap on delicate areas.

Wear cotton panties

Give your private parts some space to breathe. Wear cotton panties instead of synthetic ones.

So that’s it. You’ll be able to have a cleaner and happier period just by following these simple tips.

Do you have more tips to share on how to prevent smelling bad during periods?

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  1. Nice tips..however I would like to correct some info that you shared above: the menstrual blood combined with sweat and germs in the vagina, produces a really offensive odour.
    Please know that vagina doesn’t have any germs however the vaginal flora consists of helpful bacteria and yeast which helps to maintain an appropriate acidic ph balance and helps vagina to clean itself. As such one really don’t need soaps to clean vagina and just plain water serves the purpose, however, if needed one should opt for really mild gels to of harmful chemicals like SLS/ SLES and parabens.
    Secondly, the period smell is because of blood getting in contact with air and chemicals of sanitary napkins. This can be avoided if you use eco friendly products to deal with menstruation like menstrual cups, reusable cloth pads and chemical free sanitary napkins. I have been using cups and chemical free napkins myself and experience a lot of difference and comfort since the time I have started using them.

    • Thanks a lot Anju for mentioning the points.. i have mentioned exactly the same point (No 1) … Please go through the post again.. they are already mentioned..

      and as per using reusable cotton cloth is concerned, I don’t think it is too hygienic to do so. however one can definitely use cups and cotton sanitary pads.

        • I want to know as well. All pads are scented now and have other chemicals as well but there are no other options in my sight πŸ™

        • Anamika, chemical free ones are Nurture Organics..they are made or organic cotton…though I have switched to using menstrual cups and reusable napkins now, however, I used Nurture for 1.5 years…they are much better than the conventional ones available in the market.
          I conduct workshops in Hyderabad on Menstrual Hygiene and Management and promote eco – friendly products to deal with menstruation. If you would like to know more about it, please feel free to drop me an email at [email protected]

          • Thank you Anamika for asking this question and thank you Anju for the info. I too wanted to know about the chemical free brands. πŸ™‚ But I’ll try to find those available in the market. Not everything is available here. πŸ™

      • Madhubani, looks like you missed reading these lines that I was referring to: Please know that vagina doesnÒ€ℒt have any germs however the vaginal flora consists of helpful bacteria and yeast which helps to maintain an appropriate acidic ph balance and helps vagina to clean itself.

        Regarding reusable cloth pads, they are very much a hygienic option since you wash them and sun dry them…sunlight presently is the best natural germ killer available with out cost…:)

    • That was really a useful post. You explained everything neatly. πŸ™‚ We should avoid using these napkins loaded with scents and chemicals. πŸ™


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