How to prevent under eye bags and tips to reduce them


 Dark eye bags makes one look much older than his/her age. Only solution which a doctor suggests is surgery but most of us find surgery  risky and expensive too.

The reason one have under eye bags is because of the fluid pools which accumulates under our eyes. Reason which many doctor give are  allergies, diet, lack of sleep and heredity. The best thing is that eye bags never indicate any serious health problem and therefore can be handled without the care of a doctor too.

Here are healthy strategies to help eliminate the eye bags beneath your eyes which many doctors and skin care professionals suggests

1. Lot of sodium in our diet leads to retaining of water and which result in puffy eyes. We don’t realize how much salt we take but most of the food which we eat has above average salt intake. Therefore we can avoid or reduce eye bags by eating less of canned food or salty snacks.

2. You must have heard this number of times and it is absolutely true. Lack of sleep leads to darkening of eyes and creates bag beneath the eyes too. A good night sleep of seven hours at least prevents under eye bags.

3. Sleeping flat on the back  too cause eye bags, this is because fluid beneath the eyes gets pool up. It is always advisable to place a towel or additional pillow to elevate our head and to allow drainage of fluid.

4. Food like banana and oatmeal helps in preventing under eye bags.

Of course last but not the least a well balanced diet to keep our eyes, skin and body healthy is the most essential thing to be  kept in mind.

How To Prevent Under Eye Bags


  1. Gosh, is this the reason why i have under eyes bags….:( I am habitual of eating extra salt in my food.
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  2. @ Shoppig girl-This is from my personnel experience;.When I used to eat lot of salt at night my eyes were watery, swollen with some eye bag in the mornig.lowering down salt in take has beenfited me.

    @ Premlatha and Maki-Thanks buddy..hope it helps both of you..:)

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