How To Prevent Your Nail Polish From Smudging


How To Prevent Your Nail Polish From Smudging

Hello gorgeous ladies!

I hope all of you are doing pretty well in your lives! But what about those bouts of frustration which a smudged freshly-painted nail gives mind boggling; isn’t it? And if you are anything like me (read impatient, and impervious to perfection) man, you are in great trouble as far as nail polishes and those nasty smudges are concerned!

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Ok, when was the last time you went to a salon? And got your nails painted by yourself and managed to let it dry completely? And that too without a single nail getting a bit smudged and mushy? I do not remember any such instance! And if so is the scenario with you, these tips my dear, are tailor made for you!

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Give your nails a cold bath!

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Maybe the most repeatedly spoken-of trick in the book of nail hacks is to immerse your nails in a bowl of ice cold water (literally) to haste up the drying process. But like all tips and tricks, this tip too has a catch. Firstly, prepare your ice-cold bath before you start applying the nail polish as rushing here and there for the bowl and ice tray while your nail polish is still wet can damage your polish application

Fill in a mixing bowl with a few ice cubes straight out of the freezer and then run some cold water on top of it. Now apply your favorite polish, let it stabilize for about 2 minutes and then gently immerse the nails into the ice-cold water. But do not wait till your fingers get numb; get them out when it starts feeling uncomfortable!

Give time between the coats!

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The one thing which almost all of us are guilty of; is not having the patience to wait for the first coat of polish to dry before we go on with the second coat rendering things all goopy and mushy! The trick here is to apply a very thin layer of polish as the first coat and let it stay put for about 5 minutes (and wait for it to dry completely) before you go forward with another thin second coat! This way you do not have to wait much for the second (thick and gloopy) coat of polish (which takes almost three times the drying time) and you can enjoy a smudge-free manicure just like that!

Apply oil to the nails to expedite the drying process!


When waiting for the nails to dry, and not in the mood to apply those quick dry drops kind of chemical products to your gorgeous nails, grab a small nozzle bottle of your favourite oil (practically, any oil will do, but I prefer almond and olive oil) and drop one or two small drops of the concoction on to semi-dry nails which will fasten up the whole drying-up process almost by half the time! Win, win!

Do not apply nail polish just before going to bed!

Become a sleeping Beauty for the Glow!

Ok, I do this almost every time! And I know this is not the way nail polishes are to be done, but I somehow always end up applying my polish just before bed! And what I end up with eventually is tacky, smudged nails which happen because of me sleeping over my hands! So the best way to avoid smudged nails is to apply your nails when you have ample time at your hands and you are in no mood to doze off! Because dozing off with wet nails is the worst thing you can do to your pretty manicure!

So which of these tips are you trying for smudge-free nails?

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