How To Prevent Your Skin From Getting Tanned


How To Prevent Your Skin From Getting Tanned


Summers are already taking a toll on our body and mind. We hate summers for their extreme conditions and love them as we can wear what we want. Not to miss the mangoes and other delicacies that come with summers. So while you may keep drinking gallons of liquids and feasting on ice-creams etc., you should not forget your skin.

Sun can catch you anywhere so it is better to stay on guard than to regret later. Yes, there are so many effective homemade and readymade concoctions to remove tan but the damage done by sunrays on cellular level is not always repairable. Also, tan takes a long time to go away leaving our skin dark and dull.

We know that- prevention is better than cure and so here are some tips to prevent the dreaded tanning-

No Expose

Save your little numbers for evenings and ditch them when you are out in the sun. You can’t escape the sun but you can at least minimize its ill-effects. Wear clothes that are a little loose and cover you completely. Cover your face with a scarf if you can or at least wear a wide-brimmed hat (baseball-caps will not do much). Wear shoes that cover your feet or wear socks to protect your feet from darkening.


tips to prevent tanning

Now some brands even make clothes that protect skin from UV rays. It is not easy to get them so better buy clothes that are a little thick and cast shadows rather than going for sheer dresses.

The Factor that Protects You

This factor is called SPF or Sun Protection Factor. We know its importance but still keep committing mistakes that cost us the glow of our skin. First of all a day cream or moisturiser with SPF is usually low in SPF. Most such products have usually an SPF value of 15-20 which is not enough to protect us.

You need at least SPF 30 to fight sun. It is better to use broad spectrum sunscreens that have both UV-A and UV-B protection. And DO NOT forget to reapply it every 2 hours if you are constantly under the sun.


how to prevent tanning

There’s more to SPF, the lighter your complexion, the more SPF you will need. It happens because dark skin has a lot of melanin that forms a protective layer while light skins have very low melanin.

Apply sunscreen on all exposed parts of your body. We often forget back of the neck and ears so pay attention.


No not the lipstick shades but the goggles. Always wear sunglasses under the sun to protect your eyes. Buy good quality glasses that shield against the UV rays. They are expensive but the money spent is worth it.


shades to prevent tanning
There are many girls who wear glasses for eye-correction (me included) who can’t wear shades. I suggest again buying the anti-UV lenses. Also you can get designer shades made that also have the right power to correct your eye-issues apart from sun-protection. This idea needs a lot of work as you will need to keep changing your glasses, so I wear contacts and then wear a good pair of shades to stay away from the trouble.

Buy shades that have lenses which are of a solid colour and not shaded. It is better to wear goggles with yellow undertones rather than the dark black ones.
Girls can carry an umbrella also for shade if they don’t mind carrying excess baggage around.

The Right Time

Sun is at its worst between 10 am to 4 pm regardless of the season. If you go out during this time, you will need to fight more UV rays. It is best to avoid this time. But again many girls especially students cannot follow such time constraints. Try to limit your time under the sun during these hours and never ever forget any of the above tips.

How are you preventing yourself from getting tanned?

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  1. Nyc post Maitri…. summers are really irritating me a lot its superrrrrr HOT 🙁
    I never knew the lighter skintones tend to tan more …. (Y)

  2. i follow these tips. but i am a student so can’t follow the last one. i also use VLCC anti tan face wash

  3. Well I follow all these tips but I have two questions in my mind the first one being should I cover my face in evening time or night also and second thing my feet smells alot because I wear complete shoes and socks and after I take them off they smell like anything any solution do inform me


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