How To Protect Hair Fall In Monsoon


Khadeeja asks,

Recently my hair has become quite dry, frizzy and rough plus tangled and even got splits. Monsoon has caused excessive hair-fall. Should I use henna mask? What should I add in it? I heard it dries out the hair. Plz send some tips or link me to some post regarding it.


Monsoon hair care suggestions


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  1. kaddu, henna mask will dry out hair a bit, try using aloevera and fenugreek soaked overnight and apply the paste .. try applying a paste of hibiscus flower, leaves and rose petals. this helps ease out the frizzyness.

    I have used both and have found no issues with them apart from the fact that they are little difficult to wash off ..

  2. hi khadeeja, monsoon is the worst time for hair. but some things i always do when my hair turns frizzy and i have super curly hair-
    use coconut oil to massage your hair and scalp before you shampoo
    use a tshirt to dry your hair- it is softer than cotton towels we use.
    use aloevera gel (the packaged one is good too) on your hair when it is slightly damp.

    i find these three tips to control the frizz greatly..

    also u might want to invest in a deep conditioning hair masque..

    • lykd ur tips supriya wil try it.. bt i wntd 2 ask dt cn v use almond oil instd of coconut nd cn u gve sm oda altrntve 4 aloevera gel

  3. A good Oil massage will help you to get rid of all the problem….The Oil may be Coconut oil or Seasame oil or Olive oil. Heat the oil slightly and massage it well on your scalp to hair ends regularly like weekly thrice or twice. If you are having severe hair fall don’t massage ur scalp hardly as it will increase more hair fall. Use a mild Herbal shampoo and conditioner suitable for your hair. Other than external care you have to eat healthy and drink lot of water. Eating green gram dhal sprouts will stop hair fall within 4 weeks.
    Take care… 🙂


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