How To Provide Nutrients To Your Skin With Oil


As we get old our skin oil requirements increseases.This is because oil traps the moisture and prevent the skin from dehydrating.So oil is kind of a protector which helps the skin in keeping it in a healthy mode.


There are many ways by which oil from the skin can escape.

*Our internal systems may under perform and fails to deliever the required moisture to the skin.

*As we age our skin takes longer to replenish itself.

*Dry atmosphere or too much exposure of our skin to wind or in AC contributes to water loss.

Simple way to keep the moisture level intact we need to coat our skin with oil.
Those who already have oily skin should not ignore this.This is because when we coat the skin with oil it fools the oil glands and make them think that we already have enough oil so it stop the further production.

Oil are basically food for the skin which provides various nutrients to the skin.For example wheat germ oil has high vitamin E content as the oil is extracted from apricot kernels and Sesame oil contains pro vitamin A .

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