How To Pull Off A Runway Look For A Great Party


How To Pull Off A Runway Look For A Great Party

The recent fashion weeks in New York and Paris launched not only new fashion trends but also some new beauty trends. I noticed that skin was bare mostly. The focus was either eyes or lips and sometimes none of them. I would say, glowing skin was more in focus. Runway looks are usually edgy but again Spring 2016 looks were mostly simple and wearable. I had to search quite a lot to find out looks that were not that wearable. Some like the ones seen in Givenchy cannot be worn in anyway so here are six looks that I think will look great when toned down a bit. If you are daring then go ahead and replicate as they are.

These are not daily wear looks but here’s How To Pull Off A Runway Look For A Great Party-

How To Pull Off A Runway Look For A Great Party (1)

This vibrant eyeliner look is something great but not everyone will be comfortable wearing this look. You need a bright, matte eyeliner or eyeshadow to line your eyes like this. If you don’t want this much of pop on your eyes, try shades like plum, purple, burgundy and teal. The shades on eyes should contrast with your outfit. Rest of the face has to be clean to let the eyes do the talking.

How To Pull Off A Runway Look For A Party

Vibrant Eye Looks

Here a beautiful green has been used all around the eyes and eyeliner is from the blue family. To tone down the look, you can wear a black or brown eyeliner. If you want colorful eyes with less drama then skip applying green eyeshadow under your eyes and leave them bare.

how to wear runway makeup for a party

Matte red lips and smoky eyes are classic but the current beauty trends are more about clean eyes. Here the eyes are completely bare. You can use a light base on face and highlight to save your look from falling flat. A highlighting eyeshadow over eyelids will make your look bright. Don’t forget to define your brows!

how to pull off runway makeup

This again is a bare look except the glitter on eyes. Glitter has been applied just on the centre of eyelids. If you are not game for glitter then recreate this look with a shimmery eye shadow. Apply the eye shadow with a damp brush for better pigmentation.

runway makeup for a party

This teal eye look is quite pretty. To keep your look real, do not take the teal shade above crease area. Clumpy lashes do not look great in reality so take care of that. And, please do not style your hair in that sweaty-looking hairdo.

recreate runway makeup looks

What do you think of this? The eyelashes are ultra dramatic. Well, if you don’t want to look like a cat that gatecrashed the party, skip the spider-effect on lower lashes. The high voltage upper lashes are enough to attract eyes towards you.

Which of these runway looks will you wear next?

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