How To Put On Brown Eye Shadow


How To Put On Brown Eye Shadow

Eye Makeup is really a great form of enhancing the beauty of the eyes like anything. An average looking woman can focus substantially on her eye makeup and achieve captivating look just with a superb eye makeup.

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Every woman likes a particular shade as her favorite for eye makeup. Well, if you ask me, I am not very experimental with eye makeup and usually prefer brown hue as they go well with my complexion and is easy for me to carry.

Well, I believe brown eye shadow is surely a shade which every woman should have in her vanity. It is easy to work with and will suit almost all skin tones without much efforts.

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Today, we will be talking about how to wear a brown eye shadow perfectly. But first let me acquaint you all with why brown eye shadow is so raved!

  • It is a decent and neutral color which will suit all complexions. Not too vibrant and not too dramatic. It is perfect for all occasions.
  • It will suit woman of all age and will give a graceful eye look on them.
  • Brown smokey eye is considered really classic and sensuous and it will beat any vibrant shade any given day.
  • It can be used on the crease, eye lids & eye brows as well. One eye shadow and you don’t need a handful of eye shadow palettes.
  • A brown eye shadow is great for both day & night time looks.

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Here is a step by step tutorial on how to apply a brown eye shadow.

  1. First of all, apply an eye primer over the crease of the eye. This will make the brown shade standout perfectly and also stay for a long time.
  2. Now with an angular eye brush gently apply brown eye shadow from the outer corner of the yes towards the inner eye crease.
  3. You can apply a light beige eye shadow from the inner corner of the eye to highlight it well.
  4. Now apply the same brown shadow on the lower lash line from the outer corner with gentle strokes to create a smokey look. If you want an intense brown eye look, apply the brown eye shadow all over the upper lid leaving the brow bone for a light beige shadow for highlighting it beautifully.
  5. Brown shadow looks very natural and defines the eyes very well.
  6. Now apply a black pencil liner over the upper lash line and smudge it outwards with a smudging brush.
  7. Apply mascara of and curl your lashes.
  8. Complete the look by apply a thin line of eye liner from the outer corner of the lower lash till the center.

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Don’t forget to groom your brows with a brow perfector set to give more precision to the brown eye look!

I hope you like these step by step procedure to apply the beautiful brown eye shadow on the eyes. Do checkout a similar post on Green Eye Shadow.

Have you tried a Brown Smokey Eye Look?

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