How To Read Makeup Label



By Tavleen

How To Read Makeup Label

When you buy any makeup products, do you wonder what the makeup label means? It is important you know how to decode the label and understand what the company might be informing you.


MAC Russian Red Lipstick


When you buy any cosmetic products, you assume that it has been FDA approved and tested. But in reality many products are marketed even before they are approved, so it is important that you are aware about the ingredients and the symbols that are in the label.


MAC Temperature Rising Bronzer in Refined Golden Review Shade+mac pigment


  • Ingredients are mentioned in the descending order of their percentage.
  • The concentrated ingredient or the base of the product is mentioned at water, oil etc.
  • The next list of ingredients gives the information on its texture eg. ide or ate: thickens water, pol or mer : solidifies, one: provides smoothness + slip, ane: mixed with silicone’s for thickness
  • The next list of ingredients shows fragrance, colour and other details.

There are many standard symbols that are used by many countries.

The hand symbol is shown on an opened book that states that there is more information to be stated which is either available in the leaflet or a label.

The next symbol shows the shelf life of the products, it has an egg timer or an open jar. If any product has shelf life of less than 30 months, it should show a best before date. This is shown by the egg timer symbol with the best before or expiry date.




For the products having shelf life greater than 30 months, it is displayed by the info of period after opening the product. The open jar symbol with the time in months alongside shows the time the product expires after opening.




The green symbol shows that the packaging will be recycled and follow a recycle scheme to recycle a product.

The recycling symbol shows that the product is recycled. It also means that the packaging is made from recycled products can be further recycled.

The Ingredients are mentioned in a box with the heading “INGREDIENTS” mentioned.


Coastal Scents Forever Blush ingredients


There are other symbols that indicate if the product has been tested on animals or whether it is vegan or not.

  • Cruelty-free: Shows that no animal testing has been done in the ingredients or the final product.
  • Not tested on animals: There is no animal testing done on the final product.
  • Vegetarian or Vegan:The product does not contain any animal derivative and is in no way tested on animals.




For your cosmetics check the label on the product.

The first letter shows the batch of production, the first number shows the month of manufacturing with alphabets being used from October to December and the second number shows the year of manufacturing.

This is same for most brands but may differ with every brand.

Each product company states the month or year of manufacture and this shows you how long you have until the product expires.

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