How to reduce age spots through herbal remedies

Age spots are also called as liver spots or solar lentigo. They are formed when the skin is exposed to sun rays. They are flat, gray , brown or are black spots and are quite common nowadays. When the extra melanin from our body becomes clumped or is produced in higher concentration then what is required results in skin discoloration is caused. It is always advisable to use a good sunscreen to avoid this problem but still if you are suffering from it then below remedies can help you out.
1. Take out fresh aloe vera juice from the plant and apply it on the spots. This will help in fading them away. Apply the juice or gel twice a day and keep doing it for a month. Aloevera is an excellent healing agent and helps in healing age spots.
2. Massage with castor oil twice a day for ten minutes till the skin completely absorbs it. Keep doing it until you see spots starts fading which will take around a month or so.
3. Take 2tsp of Apple cider vinegar and add 1tsp of orange juice in it. Apply the mixture with a help of cotton balls.
4. Applying buttermilk also helps as the lactic acid and the milk ingredients are a great skin cleanser. To know about milk beauty remedies click here.
5.Applying fresh lemon juice twice a day helps in fading the spots but do not go out immediately when you have applied the juice as the sun rays might react with the citric acid.
Include lot of vitamin E rich food in your diet such as peanut, cashew nuts, almonds, sunflower oil and sesame oil in your diet and avoid caffeine, alcohol and junk food.

P.S-All the above ingredients are completely herbal but it might react with your skin so do a test patch before following it religiously.

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