How To Remove Darkness Around Lips


Sushma asks,

I have darkness around my mouth and I hate it.When ever I use dark shade lipstick it stand out because of the darkness and looks not so pretty.Is there any way of getting rid of it.


 How To Remove Darkness Around Lips


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  1. First of all. Scrub your face with baking soda. 2-3 times a week
    Just take some soda mix it with few drops of water make a paste out of it and use it as normal scrub. Dont be too harsh on your skin.
    Always use sunscreen/sunblock and always a good day and night cream.
    Always drink lots of water.

    The main reason for darkness around that area is caz of bloodflow. try making it a ritual to massage your face gently with finger tips . Use any kind of oil you like/prefer .

  2. Hi,

    darkness around your mouth is either due to dry skin or hyperpigmentation.

    if it’s a case of dry skin, make sure that 1) u exfolilate the affected areas gently but thoruoghly 2) the corners of your mouth are always well moisturized. try treating the area with baby oil/ hydro-cortisone to keep it soft and supple.
    if hyperpigmentation, then use eldoquin 2% or some skin-lightening cream that is effective (vichy do some good ones, check it out if it fits your budget). Also doing skin-lightening peels/ face masks regularly may help.

  3. I think adding lime or lemon juice to the baking soda would be more helpful…. lemon is best for removing darkness….. A simple sugar and lemon scrub would do great …. :lipstick: …..

  4. meee too face the same problem.. and trying very hard to get rid of it… right now following the massage tips which anamika posted long back, and strongly believing it will work… as a home remedy i am using the lemon and honey mixture everyday all over the face..

  5. make paste of milk +orange peel+honey apply allover face n keep until dries out.lightly massage while will work almost like any scrub.apply hydrating cream concentrating on dry areas.i myself use blueberry lavender face really works my personal xperience.

  6. I have black colour at corner of my both side of lips it’s really horrible iam not confident and iam Nt able to focus on anything because of this pls suggest any solution for this (natural)


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