How to remove dead skin from face or from body


Wash your face with cold water and apply few spoon of sea salt and massage gently. Massage for two minutes and wash it off again with cold water.You can do it once per week. This helps in letting the face creams to penetrate into the skin.Helps in removing dry, dead and a flaky skin.


  1. Hi
    I have pigmentation problem on my face color is fair and forehead is very dark, applied many things but not working.

    Kindly suggest

  2. hai………. i m 19 year old ……. and i am suffering with askin problem in a way that because of the application of bleach… mu skin is left with no glow … and above all my skin colour is faded .please help me with this.

  3. Hi….I m 24 year old….My face and body complexion is very fair… I have dark circle around my neck… its dead skin..i applied so many things but got no sucessful result…Please help me abt this… that dark circle is big problem for me…


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