How To Remove Glitter Nail Polish Easily?


How To Remove Glitter Nail Polish Easily?

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How is everyone doing? August is here, and to me August means festivities (and my birthday month, of course) but to the larger segment of Indian society, it is just a month of festivities! Yes, no one goes crazy over my birthday except me! :p

Anyways, coming to today’s post how to remove glitter nail polishes easily! There is something about glitters which connects it to festivities and all things fun! And the best way to adorn festivities is to wear that jazzy glitter on your gorgeously manicured nails! No matter how beautifully they sit atop your nail bed, one thing which is equally frustrating is the patience, time and strenuous efforts it takes to remove them! But i got all your glitterati fixes covered here with the easiest way to remove your glitter nail polish sans any glittery mess and damaged nail beds!

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The Stubborn Glitter Polish Removal Hack In Short!

Perhaps the most wanted nail hack which people have been dying to know is this one. We all have had moments of glitterati on our fantastically shaped nails. Undoubtedly they look fantabulous! But what about the time when it starts chipping and you want to get rid of it for good?

The nasty glitter would just not come off. A very easy, and comfortable hack to remove the stubborn glitter from your nails is to take a cotton swab dipped in acetone and wrap it around your nail completely. Now take a small piece of foil (aluminum foil the one you can easily get from your kitchen shelves) and wrap the cotton-wrapped finger nail with it. Now let the wrapping stay on for a couple of minutes and with wiggly, pressing motions, pull out the aluminum-cotton wrap out from your finger nail to reveal totally clean nails!

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Things Required!

  1. Acetone based nail polish remover
  2. Cotton swabs or cotton balls
  3. Aluminum foils (cut into medium sized square pieces)
  4. Cuticle cream
  5. A thick hand lotion

How to Perform the hack?

  1. Cut the aluminum foil into square pieces (cut the squares big enough to be wrapped once around your finger nails)!
  2. Now, using an acetone based polish remover or even plain acetone, dip your cotton swab into it and make sure it is fully drenched in the acetone!
  3. Now taking the acetone-drenched cotton ball or swab, place it onto your glitter-polish adorned nail and wrap the swab around your finger snugly.

Remove Glitter Nail Paint With Soaked Cotton

P.S. Do not let the cool feeling make you shriek out in surprise it’s pretty natural for the acetone to make your fingers feel cold!

1. Now taking the aluminum foil squares, start wrapping the cotton wrapped finger nails; one at a time! Make sure to cover the finger nail in its entire proximity to make the nail-hack work to the best of its potency!

2. Make sure that all the fingers are snugly wrapped in the acetone-cotton-aluminum-foil sealants and let the nails stay in them for about 7-8 minutes!

Remove Glitter NailPaint By Covering With Aluminium Foil3. Now carefully, with slow, wriggly movements, try removing one finger nail out of the cotton-foil sealant and check the results for yourself!

4. If the nail comes out clean, go forth and take out all the foil applicators and let your nails free. But if the polish seems to be still stuck to your nails, then let the foil thing be on the nails for a couple more minutes before taking them off!

Remove Glitter NailPaint With Acetone Soaked In Cotton

Cuticle Care

5. After you have taken off all the polish, your nail must be feeling dry due to excessive exposure to acetone! Use a good cuticle cream, or even a couple of drops of olive oil would work well and follow up with a thick hand lotion or moisturizer to bring back the lost moisture content of your nails as well as the skin surrounding it!

Sally Hansen Cuticle Massage Cream Review product in tub+nail care

So here we are, with the easiest and the most hassle-free technique to remove glitter polish with utmost ease and comfort!

Have you tried removing glitter nail polish this way?

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