How To Remove Henna From Hair


How To Remove Henna From Hair

Henna for hands and hair is quite common to see in Indian women. There are many women who prefer to color the hair with henna as their hair strands start turning grey! The burgundy red hue henna gives certainly looks a little natural than the usual hair dye which gives a jet black color to the mane thereby looking not so natural.


When henna is applied on hands & hair it tends to give a permanent color to the hand and hair respectively and so one cannot undo the effects of henna on the hair and hands until a good time period of about 1-2 weeks in case of hair and about 3-4 weeks in case of hair.

Today we will be talking about how one can undo the hair color effect henna gives on hair and the various ways in which one can achieve henna ridden hair strands in considerably lesser time.

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Removing Henna From hair-

When a person decides to color their hair with henna, one thing he/she has to make sure that the effects are going to stay for a good while and there is not a quick way to remove the hair color immediately in case they don’t like the color effects on the hair and want to get rid of it as soon as possible.

For this reason itself, henna is preferred to color hair in a natural and herbal way which has long lasting effects on grey strands than a dye or hair color.

Well, if you have got the wrong shade or did not get the desired hair color, then there is  choice for you to lighten the henna color and eventually remove it. So, we have the following ways in which one can remove and lighten the henna hair color in the best possible harmless ways!

Oil Method-

Oil Your Hair

One of the most preferred treatment to naturally remove the henna color from hair is the oil treatment method. In which first the hair length is soaked in coconut oil and then wrapped up with a shower cap thoroughly. After that, a hair dryer is taken and the hair is heated for a good 20-25 minutes from a safe distance. Now the logic behind heating the hair length is because heat strips of the essential oils from the hair thereby making it possible to also strip off the henna color along with the oil. Thereby lightening the hair color.

One an use various oils like grapeseed oil, olive oil, coconut oil, castor oil etc.

Hair Lightening with Lemon-

lemon for acne spots

Lemon is believed to have a strong acidic properties. So it also one way in which you can lighten the henna hair color. And the eventual hair washes further lighten and completely remove the henna color from the hair.

Take fresh lemon and squeeze it in a bowl. Now with the help of a cotton ball, apply it all over the length of hair and leave for 3-4 hours. Don’t apply much lemon juice on the hair roots. This method will also lighten the henna hair color.

Whitening Toothpaste-

A less heard option but surely works in lightening the color of the henna on your hair. A whitening toothpaste has chemical composition which helps in getting rid of the red hue of henna.

Cut the hair length-

hair cut and coloring

Another way to get rid of henna colored hair is to opt for a short hairstyle. It should be for a time period because a good 4-5 weeks is required to completely fade the hair color. Till that time you can easily regrow the hair length and opt for some other great hair color.

I hope you like these ways to getting rid of henna hair color. I mostly prefer the cutting hair short as it gives a change to may look. And I can easily grow the hair back than waiting for it to go away on its own!

Which method do you prefer?

Have you tried these Henna removing methods before?

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