How To Remove Makeup Naturally


How To Remove Makeup Naturally

Makeup is every woman’s favorite these days. It tends to give an altogether polished look to the face. Makeup enhances the beautiful features of the face and makes a face look attractive and appealing. You can notice the difference in the look just with a hint of kohl in the eyes. A dash of color on the lips hides the lip pigmentation and make it look pretty. A veil of compact or BB cream hides all the redness and imperfections of the face.


Well, to maintain the beauty of the face one needs to keep the skin clean from inside and make sure that the face remains clear and free from issues like clogged skin pores, acne eruptions, dry patches etc. So to make sure that the skin is free from every trace of makeup there are so many ways to remove makeup effectively which ensure that there is no dirt , grime of makeup residual on the skin which may block the skin regenerations process in a natural way.

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Here we will discuss the many ingredients which can be used to naturally remove makeup and stay away from the chemically laden makeup removers available in the drugstore brands.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

olive oil for supple hands

Pure olive oil is gentle and non sticky in nature which makes it easy to be used on the face and remove with a cotton swab. The fact that olive oil can be applied on any skin type without damaging the natural skin texture makes it yet another obvious choice of a natural makeup removal. Pure olive oil is great in effectively removing stubborn makeup like eyes and lips easily.

Coconut Oil

baba ramdev products coconut oil

If you are someone who is not much fond of the oily base for makeup removal you can go for a lighter version which is pure coconut oil which is light in consistency and instantly seeps on the skin removing every residue of the layers of makeup very gently and effortlessly. It has a mild fragrance which is not an issue for most women.

Sesame Seed Oil

forrest essential sesame oil

This is yet another common ingredient which can be utilized to remove the heavy coverage makeup within few minutes and without putting much efforts. Sesame seed oil is thicker in consistency but acts as a brilliant makeup remover which also maintains the elasticity and youthfulness of the facial skin.


Deep pore Cleansing milk

It is one of the most common and easily available kitchen ingredient in most households. Very few people know that milk too acts as a staple makeup remover in case you don’t have any of the above ingredients at home. Taking a small amount of milk in a cotton swab and apply gently on the face and you can see that it removes makeup quite effectively. You must have noticed how in ancient times women used to have milk bath to gently cleanse the skin which also nourished the skin intensively. It is cheap than most makeup removers and readily available. πŸ™‚

Lukewarm water


Well, lukewarm water is also quite effective in removing makeup from the skin as it tends to cleans the open skin pores and remove traces of makeup from them which is not possible with cold water. So ideally one can splash lukewarm water on the face and  use a gentle face cleanser to get rid of makeup easily.

Well these were some of the most commonly practiced ways to naturally remove makeup! Which one do ypou follow most of the times?

Have you tried these ways to remove makeup naturally?

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