How To Remove Tan From Forehead


How To Remove Tan From Forehead

So, the spring season is finally here after the chilly winters and all of us are looking forward to get the best of the season by soaking sometime in the sun. Well, the spring-summer season comes with lots of skincare chores to take proper care of the skin and maintain its radiance as per the changing season.

tips to prevent tanning

Today we will be talking about one of the major skin concerns during the season which happens to be tanning of the skin and specially over the forehead which looks odd and takes quite some time to clear up.

Forehead tends to get quickly tanned in comparison to the face as most of the sun guard and sun covers hide the face and leave some space over the forehead, this results in a darker tone of the forehead than the rest of the face. The tanned forehead appears to be different from the rest of the face and so one needs to quickly get rid of it to ensure a uniform skin complexion.

Here are some of the best tried & tested recipes for getting rod of the sun tan from the forehead.


This is one of the most effective kitchen ingredients which can be used by all types of skin to get rid of skin tanning and mainly from the forehead area.

DIY greek yogurt mask

Mixing yogurt with lemon is an easy to use and very effective in removing tanning from the forehead. It is so effective that you will notice the difference within few days of regular use.


This powerful antiseptic ingredient is also used in many beauty purposes mainly to reveal a glowing and brighter skin. It definitely counts for one of the readily available ingredients which can be used on the forehead to educe tanning.



Chilled milk is yet another thing which will act on lightening the pigmentation on the forehead due to excessive tanning. Those who can’d stand the smell & application of yogurt and can opt out chilled milk and apply it over the forehead area to lighten the dark skin.

foot soak add milk+skin products

Just mix a pinch of turmeric powder in chilled milk and apply over the forehead and keep it for sometime, eventually rinse it off and pat dry. Repeating this ritual on a daily basis will help in overcoming forehead tanning sooner.

Potato Slice

Yet another effective tan removal method is from potato juice or slices. It consists of starch compounds which also help in lightening the dark skin due to exposure to the harmful sun rays. One can ideally rub a peeled potato over the forehead and let it stay for few minutes. After sometime it can be rinsed off and you will certainly notice the difference in skin tone of the forehead.

potato for sore eyes+under eye circles+puffy under eyes

Gram Flour

It is not only good for eating but also has a great use in getting rid of forehead skin tanning. Gram flour tends to leave the skin a bit dry so those who already have dry skin may find the skin too dry after its use. A paste of gram flour, milk & a pinch of turmeric is really a great way to lighten the skin tanning cause by direct exposure to sunlight.

Home Remedies to Tighten Open Pores_Gram Flour+acne home remedies

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I hope you like these common and easy to use suggestions to remove forehead skin tanning in an effective and speedy way.

Have you tried these methods to remove tanning from Forehead?

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  1. Well written article Ira ! For me the easiest way to remove tan is to use Kojivit gel for a week twice a day and its gone..boom !!! hehe


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